September 19, 2021

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Florida COVID Hysteria: An Imaging Study, Part 2

I hope you enjoyed the “Murder She Wrote: the Florida Covid edition” miniseries presented by the Biden administration in collaboration with the national media. Here is a recap of the previous episodes:

  • Florida: the state of the walking dead
  • Mandate of missing masks and thousands of children dying
  • WHO governor disobeys Joe Biden, the Covid killer

Check out the first part here.

The following are the real Covid statistics, courtesy mainly of Statista, a German company specializing in market research. Before Jen Psaki banned them for “Covid disinformation”, Statista had a “Least Biased” rating from Media Bias Fact Check.

That said, let’s take a look at the Florida Department of Health’s overall Covid data:

Here is a graph of Covid deaths in Florida.

As you can see, deaths in Florida peaked in late July and have declined in the past 2 weeks. The pattern is very similar to last year: the death toll peaked in July 2020 and then declined to a new peak in January. If we learn nothing from history (and the media never does) Florida’s “case of the walking dead” will dissipate in the fall.

It’s shocking that Dr. Fauci can be so wrong about this. Well, I’m sure of it all was – except this guy, who, the media tell us, never science follows.

The next graph, please. The number of children under 16 who died of Covid in Florida: 12. We do not know the circumstances of their death, including any co-morbidities they may have had. It is safe to assume that the lack of masking mandates in Florida schools I did not contribute to the cause of death – but I’m sure it cannot be proven in any way (other than from “anonymous sources” on CNN).

The graph below (Statista) shows that 361 children under 17 died of Covid in entire United States since the beginning of the pandemic. Again, the CDC chose not to track comorbidities on those deaths … hmm?

A study by Johns Hopkins and FAIR Health showed that all of the children who died from April 2020 to August 2020 had immune problems or were chronically ill, many with cancer.

Clearly, Florida Not claim a monopoly on dead children. The number is fairly consistent across states (here are the numbers for California: 32 children under 17 who died of Covid in the Golden State).

The next graph (Statesman) shows the rate of Covid cases in the United States per 100,000 people. Which state is he leading? If you answered “Florida!” you lost the game. Florida is # 5. But it doesn’t matter, because the top 10 states have a very similar Covid spread rate per 100,000 inhabitants. If one takes into account false positives and other reporting errors, the COVID rate difference for these states is statistically insignificant.

Here are the statistics on the death of Covid in the states (Statista). You will be shocked to learn that Florida is Not leading here too. In fact, Florida occupies the astonishing number 21, which statistically puts the Sunshine State squarely in the middle. It seems that the media should be spending their time on air in blue states like New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, all of which are in the top five. Well, I’m sure they will get there after the midterm elections.

The chart below (CDC) shows death statistics between Florida and California since the start of Covid, with Texas thrown in there, for comparison.

As you can see, California was leading the way a while ago by not even close contact. You never would have guessed it last year from all that “DeSantis is killing his own residents” while Gavin Newsom was given props to save lives by partying in the French laundry. It is true that the numbers for Florida and California have changed this summer, although media coverage remains unchanged.

Equally important is that all three lines above follow the same pattern. This means that all three states (and the same goes for the rest) have had death spikes and dips at exactly the same time. There is no difference in Covid models, regardless of state policies on masks or their governor’s party affiliation. Reassuringly, the death toll is currently falling All states – again, [governor] WHO could he have foreseen?

Here is the chart of the vaccination status between states (Statista). 53% of Florida residents have received at least one stroke, which puts Florida far ahead of Illinois and Michigan, which has escaped CNN’s attention.

Important note: 87% of Florida seniors (65+) have been vaccinated (source: Florida Department of Health). Florida seniors’ positivity rate is only 11.7%, well below all other age groups. Because seniors are the group disproportionately at risk for complications from Covid, a lower positivity rate for they mine the media narrative of “more dead are coming!”)

When Joe Biden took over, he told us he had a bombproof plan to defeat Covid in a few weeks. Let’s see if the American population thinks their plan is working (graph of Statesman):

“Strongly” or “somehow” approve, 51%.

Disapprove “strongly” or “somehow”, 39%.

People who reside on another planet and have never heard of Joe Biden: 10%.

It seems that a good portion of Americans are not happy with Joe Biden’s grand plan. But the media are undaunted, they continue to hammer Governor DeSantis:

“But then came the hypercontagious Delta variant, which continues to hit Florida harder than anywhere else in the country.”

Thank you for this irrelevant information, media. It’s the OVERALL result that matters – Not a fragment in time. And overall, Florida continues to handle Covid very well, as demonstrated by the above data.

“A few months ago, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis declared his hands-free approach to COVID-19 ‘a huge success.’

Well, we can’t say Governor DeSantis’ approach to managing Covid in Florida is much as successful as Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of Afghan troops, but in reality, nothing is as successful as That.

Syndication source for the original RWR article.