September 17, 2021

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First ultrasounds: congratulations

First ultrasounds: congratulations

February was a very successful month for positive results. We are so happy to show you pictures of new souls coming to our Intended Parents soon. These ultrasound scans are showing the success rates of IVF because it was a success from the first attempt in both cases. Twins in the photos and we already know that they are a boy and a girl, as our future parents had planned, transferring PGD embryos with gender selection.

Good daily news for our IPs and for us! It gives us wings to work harder and make more people happy! We invite you to our fertility center and you will soon have the same ultrasound! Ukrainian surrogacy is showing a unique IVF success rate and I am proud to be a part of such great static in fertility treatment in Ukraine.

Wishing these little angels a healthy development!