October 16, 2021

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Find out where you can sunbathe naked or topless around the world

Find out where you can sunbathe naked or topless around the world

(CNN) – For true nude relaxation enthusiasts, there are no parts of the body “where the sun does not shine”.

And with adequate protection – a generous layer of sunscreen, face masks where needed – there are many places around the world where it’s safe and legal to shed the burden of clothing and offer your skin some delicious warming rays.

British swimwear brand Pour Moi has created a new map revealing the 39 countries that allow topless and nude sunbathing and the 38 countries where it’s too risky.

The team spent weeks researching individual country laws and cross-referencing them with travel forums, blogs and social media posts.

The resulting map categorizes countries into four colors: green, red, amber and gray.

Europe is the continent that most embraces undressing, with the green-lit lands of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark and Germany being some of the many countries where you can easily find beaches that welcome birthday dresses. Even in the buttoned-up UK, topless sunbathing is completely legal, if done with discretion.

Countries colored red are those where public nudity of any kind is completely unacceptable or illegal. Think twice before throwing your clothes to the wind in Morocco, Grenada, Bahrain or Belarus.

You’d better throw some swimsuit in your suitcase before traveling to one of the 29 amber countries, where laws may be ambiguous or there are very few places where you can safely unleash your jiggly pieces.

These places – like Tunisia, where topless sunbathing is sometimes fine at private hotels but generally not acceptable on public beaches – will require you to undertake a little more research before undressing.

Gray-colored countries are the ones where there wasn’t enough information for Pour Moi to do a categorization, so keep your resources hidden there as well.

Where to sunbathe naked around the world

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Pour Moi has also created a dedicated map for the United States. Keep your tops in Tennessee, your underpants in Indiana, your ta-tas covered in Utah, and don’t let things go south to South Carolina.

“Public nudity laws can be confused with the rules surrounding nude sunbathing, with many countries claiming that public nudity is illegal but actually agree with topless sunbathing,” says Pour Moi. . “For most nations, ‘intent to offend’ is the main thing that differentiates trying to take some vitamin D with no tan lines, versus someone who squeezes or blinks.”

Swimsuit specialists also dug into what the world Google searched for during those long months of blocking. He reports that there have been over 10.7 million searches done globally in the past 12 months for “nude beaches”, “nude resorts” and “nude sunbathing”.

Since these are English terms, the results naturally shift to English-speaking countries. Most of this research has been done by the United States, Japan, and Brazil, but when population size is taken into account, the nations most hungry for nudist content are Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

Pour Moi reports that topless sunbathing is legal in green-lit Australia and that there are many dedicated beaches where full nudity is allowed. New Zealand is an amber country with “preferred designated areas for nude sunbathing”. Red-rated Ireland, meanwhile, is a country where a cozy sweater and cool hooded windbreaker is the go-to beach wear year-round, even though it has gotten its first official nude beach at Hawk Cliff in Dublin in 2018.
For a country-by-country breakdown of topless and nude tanning rules – and a closer look at those maps – check out the post on Pour Moi’s website.