October 25, 2021

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Fertility treatment during quarantine. Can you do surrogacy during the block?

Fertility treatment during quarantine.  Can you do surrogacy during the block?

In this article, I want to show you the picture of the current situation of fertility treatment in Ukraine and also tell you the story of how we have handled the blockages in Ukraine and around the world. I know some intended parents are quite confused about what to expect and how it works now in the new reality.

First of all, I want to say that we are fine and we operate fully, indeed, we have never stopped operating during the quarantine measures. In early spring when the blockade occurred, we weren’t nervous or panicked, the main focus was on the safety of pregnant surrogates and preventative measures. Since the new parents could not travel to visit us for the signing of contracts, we were postponing all first visits for later and developed new approaches for international surrogacy travel, such as shipping embryos and sperm for fertilization procedures in vitro, the signing of contracts online or the use of postal couriers to send the relative documentation in original when the parents could stay at home and organize the start of the program with our guide. I am very proud that no couple has suffered from not being able to take babies from motherhood or to arrive in time for the discharge or birth of the babies. We were in constant contact with the special government structures which helped us to receive the necessary documentation to enter Ukrainian territory when no foreigners were allowed to enter without a serious reason. Surrogacy was a serious reason to enter then and we handled the paperwork and logistics for that entry. I know that some fertility clinics in Ukraine and surrogacy agencies in Ukraine have been blocked because parents could not cross the border, but we have never had such problems as we have received assistance from the Human Rights Ombudsman in Ukraine and we knew exactly what documentation was needed for the intended parents to cross the border, our legal experience helped us a lot. Most parents were able to see their babies immediately after giving birth and had no difficulties with this. There has always been a problem with airline tickets at the start of quarantine around the world and it’s still challenging, but it’s definitely getting better.

Why you shouldn’t give up on a parenting dream!

The situation with world measures changes every day, but one thing we can clearly see: travel is possible and parents can always take their children with supporting documents, so this is a great relief for many intended parents who were frustrated at first. of this world situation. It seems that we will have to learn to live in this reality with the virus for a while, but we cannot stop or postpone the dream of becoming parents, especially if there are possibilities to do so, with special measures, with the help of professionals, lawyers and health workers, but we are still moving towards the dream of parenthood. We have received wonderful assistance from Sam of Growing Families (Australia) in helping parents get permission to travel from Australia for the birth, sometimes such a situation in the world shows who your true partners are.

What’s the situation now?

Currently, we actively sign contracts with aspiring parents online and ship sperm and embryos using our partners’ shipping companies. There are currently no blockades in Ukraine for foreigners. Parents arrive for the program start with negative COVID tests even from red zone countries, about 60% of all couples use the option to skip the first visit and start remotely. All fertility doctor’s meetings and visits are conducted online via Zoom or Skype. Some embassies have been very helpful in assisting with children’s passports and have made it as less stressful as possible for parents.