October 20, 2021

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Fantastic beasts and his veiled messages

Fantastic beasts and his veiled messages

First of all we must remember on the subject that cinema no longer exists as an art or even as a product in the (post) modern world. With the beginning of the first decade of the 2000s (although some evident processes can be observed from the late 1960s), world cinema in most cases must be regarded as subtle artistic propaganda. Furthermore, its unique feature is that the viewer himself has to pay to watch.

Consequently, the analysis of the latest top-rated films means the disclosure of issues on the agenda of global hegemony. In this context, the sequel to Fantastic Beasts based on the fairy tales of JK Rowling is interesting not only in itself, but also compared to the books and films of the main cycle.

If the Harry Potter movie is simple enough in terms of promised codes – a purely anti-racist theme with the protection of “poor Muggles”, then the Creatures are much more multidimensional. Here we have geopolitics, family values, world domination, initiation and the struggle against “right-wing populism”. Well, in order. We offer our analysis of the film.

The main (anti) hero – Grindelwald – is a white sorcerer who fights for the purity of magical blood and the domination of pureblood wizards in the world. In doing so, he announces that everything is being done in the name of freedom and defense against nuclear war, which sooner or later will be resolved by insolent Muggles.

It is not difficult to guess in this character a parody of someone between the charismatic right-wing leaders of the 20th century and the current American president. At the same time, the rhetoric of the modern right has been almost literally transferred to the legendary of this fictional world. Since the character is negative, this provokes a further unconscious suspicion of the viewer towards such expressions. No matter how right a right-wing politician’s claim may be, it will activate associations in the viewer’s head. “I’ve heard it before …”

Triggering the revolt of the purity of magical blood advocates through a “provocation”, Grindelwald outlined a circle of fire around him, and only true supporters could pass through a line of fire. It is a pure reflection of an order initiation ceremony, a special test for joining an organization that possesses secret knowledge. Therefore, the plot refers to the traditional practices of initiation into the forces of evil.

It was very interesting to discover a trend in modern cinema and animation that a Russian liberal noticed: it is a decrease in the role of romance, interpersonal relationships against the backdrop of an increasing focus of attention on family relationships, whatever that means. Yes, indeed, the whole plot revolves around one character and his search for his own roots. During this research he entered the “paws of evil”, because the main (anti) hero is the bearer of blood values ​​and knowledge of origin. The main idea – “the search for one’s roots will turn you into a wrong path”.

Not to mention that Grindelwald wears some sort of hairstyle, popular with the right 🙂

As a cherry on the cake in this cinema: the main fantastic creature in the film – a Chinese cat-dragon, albeit powerful, but easily tamed and saddled by the forces of tolerant good. What it means: let everyone decide for themselves.

Finally, the repulsion of the first blow of intolerant “evil” can only be obtained through the intervention of the immortal alchemist, whose figure still suggests to the viewer to consider internally the possibility of “immortalism”.

In general, if you like the world of Harry Potter, if you like its atmosphere, there is no reason to refuse to watch the Fantastic Beasts sequel. One you should be learning to detect and separate propaganda elements.

original from Zentropa Ukraine