October 25, 2021

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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram come back to life and here is the simplified idea of ​​why you were down

After a full five-hour bandwidth, it looks like Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram subsidiaries are talking to you again.

We went to their websites and there like life.

Now let’s be clear. Just because our mafia is online, it means you did too. Any corrections implemented will take time.

There will be logins and other bugs that will arise,

So what was the problem?

It is actually interesting. Facebook’s DNS record appeared to have been deleted from the internet. It’s weird, because Facebook manages its own DNS. DNS is the system that makes the internet point to one place when you type in your web address according to protocols.

So when you typed in the address (it’s done for you on the app), the internet had no idea what you were doing, so it said, sorry. So it’s kind of like, you know, well, being out for a party and not knowing where it is. You know there’s a party but you don’t know where it is. And worse, even when you know the address, your taxi driver speaks a different language, so you’re screwed.

Wild right?


We have no idea yet.


And Facebook’s answer is probably …


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