October 20, 2021

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Evgeny Panov’s mother talks about her son’s health problems after visiting him in the Russian prison

Evgeny Panov's mother talks about her son's health problems after visiting him in the Russian prison

From the Crimean Human Rights Group (CHRG)
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Vera Kotelyanets at the Crimean “Supreme Court”. Photo by Mikhail Batrak

Vera Kotelyanets, who often comes to Crimea from Enerhodar, Zaporozhia Oblast, to support her son in court hearings, was able to see him on July 10, 2018, on the eve of the announcement of her verdict.

According to her, Evgeny has serious problems with his teeth and gums due to the electric shock torture inflicted on him after his arrest.

“He never complains about anything, he endures it, even when it hurts. He begins to speak when there is no more strength to resist. This visit said there are gum problems. His teeth, black from the electric current, ache and fall off. There are no doctors and no one gives him medicine. And if one starts making strong demands, he will be put in “isolation”. But many complain about their teeth, and sometimes when a certain number of patients are recruited, a dentist is brought from the city who just pulls out sick teeth, ”the woman told the Crimean Human Rights Group.

Vera Kotelyanets also reported that it is difficult to transfer medicines to SIZO [pre-trial detention center]. “We must first find a pharmacy that issues certificates for drugs, for which you have to wait three days to a week. The list of painkillers is limited, strong drugs cannot be transferred, “says Vera.” Last time, Zhenya [Evgeny] they were given activated charcoal because the water was not brought in on time and they had to drink dirty tap water for a few days. His joints are also very painful. But basically he doesn’t complain, he worries more about how we live and where we get the money for travel and transfers “.

The meetings of the prisoners with relatives in the Simferopol prison take place through a cloudy double glass with iron fittings between the windows, communication is provided by old telephone pipes through which it is difficult to hear.

“When I come to see him, there is always a guard next to us and nothing non-essential can be said. They have even adapted to making conditional signs to convey something that cannot be pronounced aloud, “explains Vera.

“This time I was given 2 hours for a visit, the longest visit of all; the permit for an open date visit arrived at my postal address, I was gathered in one day, ”remembers Panov’s mother.

Vera Kotelyanets also informed the CHRG that court sessions were normally closed, but on 13 July she was admitted to the courtroom for the announcement of the verdict, and together with activists from Crimea were able to express her support for her son.

“On July 13, the television channel” Russia “was authorized first in the courtroom, then we entered – me and 7 other local activists. We were told where we should go, but we ruined the whole picture. Upon entering the hall, we began to greet Zhenya, shouting “Glory to the patriots!”, “Zhenya, we love you!” I yelled, “Evgeny, we’ll get you out of here!” We were seated in the center and half of the room, to create a crowd, was filled with people who were obviously gathered from inside the courthouse. I brought an embroidery to Zhenya and he wore it. He was fine, he was very happy that we came. At the exit we also shouted Ukrainian slogans and words of support in Ukrainian. But at home, I didn’t find anything about this anywhere on Russian channels. Only on “Anna-News” did the news of the announcement of the verdict on “the leader of the Crimean saboteurs, Colonel Panov” come out.

“I am very grateful to the local residents, especially the Crimean Tatars, who support me and Zhenya,” said Vera.

On July 13, 2018, the “Supreme Court” of Crimea sentenced the Ukrainian citizen Evgeny Panov, accused by the Russian special services of having prepared a sabotage on the peninsula [Crimea], aged 8 in a strict regime colony. The FSB accused Evgeny Panov of “preparing sabotage in the Crimea as part of a sabotage group”. Furthermore, the Ukrainian was also accused of “smuggling ammunition across the customs union border” (part 1, article 30 and paragraph “a”, part 2, article 281, part 3, article 30 and part 3, article 226.1, part 3 of article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

In the case of Evgeny Panov, torture, psychological pressure, falsification of evidence, obstruction of the work of lawyers, violation of the right to a fair trial were recorded. According to human rights activists, Evgeny Panov, along with other Ukrainian citizens who have been accused in cases of [so-called] The “saboteurs” are victims of politically motivated criminal proceedings.

Ukrainian human rights activists have launched an open appeal to the governments of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Montenegro, Iceland, Albania, Liechtenstein, United States, Canada, Australia and Japan, which have called for the use of all possible policies and diplomatic. mechanisms for the release of Evgeny Panov, as well as for introducing personal sanctions against those involved in the trial of a political prisoner and for strengthening sectoral sanctions against Russia for gross systematic violation of human rights and war crimes in occupied Crimea.

Source: Crimean Human Rights Group

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