September 23, 2021

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Europe faced with the reality that massively fails in Afghanistan

Politic: For the EU, Afghanistan is now a four-letter word

The debacle exposed serious European shortcomings on several fronts, but no agreement on how to resolve them.

The US-led 20-year effort to transform Afghanistan into a stable and democratic country has failed.

But when it comes to the political and political implications for the EU, a different F word comes to mind.

In the days following the rescue of the West from Kabul, the 27 member countries and EU institutions in Brussels have been confronted with the humiliating reality of their collective lack of military capability and have been desperately seeking political options, some of which seem wildly. unrealistic or woefully insufficient.

The inability to keep Kabul airport running and to maintain evacuations, even for just a few more days without US help, has led to a sobering conclusion: the EU can neither protect , nor project, its so-called “European way of life.”

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WNU Editor: I have to give credit to the Europeans. Unlike the Biden administration which now wants to move away from Afghanistan, Europeans want to evaluate and examine what went wrong and perhaps (and it’s a big maybe), find a deal to correct the failures that have been exposed in Afghanistan.