June 24, 2021

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Emmanuel Macron slapped by member of public in southeast France

Emmanuel Macron slapped by member of public in southeast France

The video, shared by CNN’s affiliates BFM, shows Macron walking on the fence and holding a man’s hand in the middle of a crowd as he began to greet people in public in the town of Tain-l’Hermitage, in the region of Drôme of France.

The man, as he held Macron’s arm, slapped the President in the left side of his neck while shouting for the end of “Macronie” – a pejorative term used for French newspapers for President Macron.

Macron’s security guard came in quickly, following the man as he pulled the head down with an iron fist.

“A man tried to beat the President of the Republic,” Elysee said in a statement to CNN. “We have no more words now. Conversations between people and hand-me-downs resumed. The journey continues.”

Shortly before Macron fell asleep, the perpetrator shouted, “Montjoie! Saint-Denis !,” the ancient war cry of the Capetian dynasty, which ruled France from 10 to 18 centuries.

This motto is also known in France for being a sequel to the 1993 fantasy comedy film Les Visiteurs, starring a 12-year-old squire who traveled in the 90s and found themselves in modern society. .

Two 28-year-old men, including the man who beat Macron and another accomplice, are being held in police custody at 1.45pm local time on charges of violence against a detainee. public, Valence city law firm told CNN.

Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen, a major political opponent of Macron, said attacking the President was “unacceptable,” during a press conference Tuesday.

Macron apologizes for France's role in the Rwandan genocide, but apologizes

“We can wage war against him politically” but any violence against him should be judged in a democracy, he added.

Macron was in the area to meet restaurant owners, e, just before Wednesday’s crackdown on anti-Covid-19 in France.

Macron is currently in an offensive position, with France’s general election less than a year away from the country just a few weeks from the regional elections on June 20 and June 27.

In late April, the president told local media that he wanted to “go to those areas to showcase the country, to reach out to the people.” His political opponents say the departure of these leaders is indeed a campaign trip.

Macron was not the first French politician to fall asleep face to face when his hands were on the ground.

In January 2017, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who was then a left-wing leader in the presidency, was visiting Lamballe in Brittany when he was beaten by a young man before being overpowered by security forces.

Valls was Prime Minister between 2014 and 2016 under President Fran 2016ois Hollande.