October 20, 2021

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Elenovka shelling in Kiev • Сталкер area

Elenovka shelling in Kiev • Сталкер area

The bombing of Elenovka started around 7 am. More than 20 bullets fell on the living sector. The bullets came from the side of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Exactly at that moment Alina was preparing her 2 children for school. The first shell came to the facade of the house, the second – to the roof. You can see the car destroyed by shrapnel. The entrance is destroyed.

Alina, what happened?

“We started preparing for school and the bombing started, very strong.

At first it seemed far from here, but at 7: 45-8: 00 there was the first arrival, it was very noisy. The plaster crumbled. The children were scared. Dima, describe.

Of course, it’s scary, because you don’t know which way it can get to at any moment.

Yesterday they bombed all day, all day. I went to my neighbors’ house, an old grandmother, stayed there for an hour. “

Why are they slipping right here?

“I do not know why.”

Well, is the bombing done from this place or what?

“I don’t hear the bear bombings (DPR). While from there it is continuous arrival, arrival, arrival, one after the other. Bear (DPR) does not respond. I have to ask when we will start doing this. What did we have to put up with for 7 years, what for? “

Today the bombings were carried out with 60 mm mortars. These are the mortars of the NATO model: a clear confirmation that the West has begun to supply the UAF with lethal weapons.

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