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Eight (8) steps to create your first blog and post your article for free on Blogger Dot Com

In this article, you will learn how to create your first blog and publish your article on blogger.

Table of contents

1. What is a blog?
2. Who is a blogger?
3. Examples of websites offering blogging platforms
4. Steps on how to create a new blog (Blogger Beginner’s Guide)
5. Post your first content on blogger.com

What is a blog or a blog?

A blog is an informational or discussion website that focuses on a particular topic or niche published on the World Wide Web. In a blog, the published content often appears in reverse chronological order, meaning that the most recent article or post appears at the top of the web page or blog.

Who is a blogger?

Knowing the meaning of a blog, under this subtitle we discuss about who is a blogger ?, during my secondary school days in 2009, most of my friends tell me, they are passionate about blogging and are referred to as bloggers. A blogger is a person who regularly writes articles for an online newspaper or website, it could be the personal property of a group or organization.

Examples of websites offering blogging platforms

Below are examples of websites where you can create a free blog

Blue Guest

1. WordPress

2. Blogger

3. Tumblr

4. medium

5. Wix

6. Weebly

4. Steps on How to Create a New Blog (Blogger Beginner’s Guide)

In this article on how to start a new blog, I will be using www.blogger.com for illustration.

You will need an email address (specifically Gmail) to register on the blogger platform.

Step 1. Visit www.blogger.com on your browser

Step 2. Click “Create Your Blog” See image above.

Step 3. In this step, you will be redirected to the Google login interface where you will enter your Gmail address, then click Next to continue.

If you don’t have the Gmail address yet, visit www.gmail.com to create one.

Step 4: After logging in using your Gmail address, on the next page you need to choose a name for your blog or blog title, then click Next to continue. See the image below.

Step 5: Enter the desired blog URL or the website address of the “neduwealthaffiliate” blog, then click Save.

After clicking on save, the next image will appear displayed below

Congratulations! You have created your first Blog


Note! You can also purchase a custom domain from BlueHost and direct it directly to your blog. Buying a custom domain will delete “blogspot” and you will have “neduwealthaffiliate.com”

Visit BlueHost

to purchase a custom domain.

In the next step, which is step 6, we will learn how to publish your first post on your blog

Step 6: On your Blogger account dashboard, click “NEW POST” to create your article

See image below:

Step 7. Here you enter the title of the article and the content to be published, then click the “Publish” button in the upper right corner of the window.

Step 8. Click on “Confirm” to publish the article

Thumb up! You have successfully created and published your first blogger article. Watch the preview of our first article on our blog.

Some new bloggers often ask: Can I use a paid domain name on Blogger free hosting?

The answer is Yes, it is 100% possible. You can get a paid domain for an affordable rate on BlueHost.

This article covers the following.

How to create a new blog in blogger

How to create a new blog in blogger Step by step

How to create a free blog and make money online

Blogger website

Blogger App

Create Blogger

Google Blog

Search Blogger

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