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Effective communication on an online dating site

Effective communication on an online dating site

If you meet an Eastern European woman on an international dating site, you need to know how to use text messages to attract her. I have summarized some rules to consider.

  • Script – How to Talk to Eastern European Women on an International Dating Site:

If you’re very busy, it’s okay to text her less, especially at the beginning of a relationship. For example, you barely have time to reply to her text, so you send her this: “Hi, sorry I missed you earlier. I have been helping my brother move all day and I will definitely need a cocktail when this is all over!” “

Alternatively, you can send her this: “Hi, I’m sorry I missed you earlier. I’ve been busy helping my brother move house all day today. Please save me if you can!”

The way I see it, if you get back to a lady within 24 hours, she’ll know you’re interested in her. But if you wait too long, it may lose interest because you probably have competitors on the same international dating site – if you find a woman attractive, other men are likely to find her attractive as well. Therefore, you should be more proactive and shouldn’t play hard to get.

Another good example is: “I had a lot of fun in the cinema tonight. Thanks for recommending this movie! It is really perfect! “

If she likes you, she’ll probably text you within 2 days.

If for some reason she doesn’t text you, you can send her another message like, “I just found that beautiful song we were talking about the other day. I’m really grateful because it’s the perfect song for my sister’s birthday.”

  • What not to say when texting Eastern European women:

First, if you are joking in a file bad way, you’d better stop joking. Joking shouldn’t be over the top. When it’s exaggerated, your perceived value it will become lower. Here is an example:

She: “The video chat with you was great. Hope to do it again soon. “

HIM: “Oh, really. It was wonderful. Remember when I joked about your brows? “

SHE: “Ah! Yes. It was fun. You have a good sense of humor. “

HE: “Is this your way of changing the subject because you don’t want to talk about your eyebrows?”

This joke is infantile and totally ignored that of the lady compliment. This guy didn’t flirt with her effectively; instead, it kept the chat the same way joking level which is not significant at all.

In my opinion, it’s okay to start with a joke; however, you shouldn’t get stuck in this joking mood for too long. An effective conversation must have a Rhythm.

Let’s take a look at another example (you could identify what went wrong here):

SHE: “I’m looking forward to having another video chat with you next week.”

HE: “Yes, but only because I told you jokes during video chat, right? “

SHE: “Maybe yes, but also a little bit because I’d like to see you again.”

HIM: “Don’t be sweet. It just reminds me of those lines. LOL “

Notice that by rejecting the Eastern European lady’s attempt to open up to you, you are slowing her attraction. You’re putting yourself in the friend zone – who wants to be in the friend zone on an international dating site? Nobody.

Every Ukrainian woman likes a guy with a good sense of humor. In fact, they are many women’s main criteria for a Nice Guy. However, having a good sense of humor doesn’t mean turning every detail into a joke. I mean you can make a funny joke every few messages; however, it is best to balance it with affection, love and warmth.

Another bad the example is “OMG. I just had a delicious cake near my seat. You have to try it sometime. LOL 😛 ^. ^ X”

This text message looks like something written by a 14-year-old boy on a sugar rush. Remember: a sophisticated woman not how to use too many emojis and certainly don’t prefer a guy that cannot write!

My suggestion is to use emojis sparingly. You can save the lazy emoji-filled text messages for your friends; don’t use them on an international dating site where genuine ukrainian women are looking for love.

A sophisticated woman who reads messages that appear to be written by a teenager will be afraid to introduce you to her most respectable family and friends.

There is another one bad example (all men must avoid it):

SHE: “I just made a cake with my mom this afternoon.”

HIM: “Fantastic. I love the cakes. “

SHE: “Should I get you one when you come to see me? Which glaze do you prefer? “

HIM: “Chocolate”.

This conversation is mundane and boring. Remember that you should add value to conversation and it shouldn’t be the white wall.

“The messages should be about construction emotional connection and showing fragments of yours character. “