June 24, 2021

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EDD21: Join us at “The Global Village Online City Hall”! [Promoted Content]

This year, the European Development Days (EDD) are fully digital. But once again, the five major international networks of local and regional governments active in development cooperation (AIMF, CLGF, PLATFORMA / CEMR, UCLG and UCLG-Africa) show how cities and regions are at the forefront of sustainable transformation and ecological.

Join us at the Global Village Online City Hall ”on June 15-16 and discuss with us the concrete actions taken by cities and regions!

By addressing the challenges of the urban area, developing smart cities and sustainable transport, improving waste collection and promoting the circular economy, protecting the environment and taking care of water management, cities and regions are taking action around the world. to ensure a sustainable green transition environment for all!

To implement the Green Deal, 25% of the EU’s external policy must be dedicated to climate: the battle to solve climate change will be won or lost in cities. The involvement of cities and regions in the EU process will be essential.

AIMF, CLGF, PLATFORMA / CEMR, UCLG and UCLG-Africa signed a framework partnership agreement with the European Commission in 2015. Through this partnership, the EU has recognized the role of cities and regions as policy and decision makers in addressing global challenges and implementing shared global agendas at the local level.

Together, the five networks of local and regional governments are taking action to address the interdependence between man and nature and promote sustainable urbanization.

Disclaimer: The mail EDD21: Join us at “The Global Village Online City Hall”! [Promoted content] was first published by Teresa Dominguez we www.euractiv.com.