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Dumpling berry filling, Ukrainian cuisine

Dumpling berry filling, Ukrainian cuisine

V.arenyky, stuffed Ukrainian dumplings have been known since ancient times and are very special among the most popular Slavic dishes.

In Ukrainian ethnic cuisine The Varenyky were well known as the most popular dishes in Kyiv Rus (Kievan Rus’) along with the Ukrainians Borshch and Pampushky. The best easy and perfect recipe of Ukrainian dumplings Varenyky (also known as pierogi, pirogi, pirohy, pyroh) from Etnocook has many tips and useful tips.

You traditional Ukrainian dish Gnocchi stuffed with blueberries (Varenyky z chornytsiamy, ukr.) is made by wrapping unleavened dough around a berry filling and cooked in boiling water. It is very special, as blueberries are well-known medicinal plants. Cranberry has been used for centuries by Ukrainians to improve vision, treat various eye conditions (e.g. cataracts and retinal disorders), atherosclerosis, varicose veins, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), hemorrhoids, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gout, infections skin, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, kidney disease and urinary tract infections (UTI) and improve diarrhea.

The word “Pyrogy” is the ancient Slavic word “pirog ‘” which is – formed from the word “pir'” (“feast”) with the suffix -og ‘or from the word “руго” (“grain”), the ancient Slavic word “pyro” under the influence of the word “pir” (“feast”). The word “Varenyky” comes from the word “variant” (“to boil”).

Pyrogy (Pyrohy) gold Varenyky it is one of the 12 sacred dishes of the traditional Christmas lunch that were formed in the 8-9 centuries before the adoption of Christianity and were then inherited from medieval Ukrainian cuisine.

The traditional Ukrainian ethnic dish Varenyky can be with different fillings, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, berries, poppy seeds and even porridge. There were no potatoes in Ukraine until they were brought from South America in the 16th century, so potato-stuffed varenyky does not refer to the ancient variant of the dish. One of the most popular fillings of Ukrainian dumplings was the mix of fresh cottage cheese and dill. See also traditional Ukrainian recipes from the cuisine blog of ethnic Slavic cuisine Etnocook:

Varenyky is so important Ukrainian dish that there are monuments to them in Ukraine and around the world in other places where Ukrainians live.

The same dumpling (varenyk) in Ukrainian traditions is a symbol of women’s power, childbirth. In Ukraine it was traditional that the first dish in ancient times that the mother ate after giving birth was Varenyky and the people who cooked them wished she had many children and said “Always be full like varenyk”.

Ukrainian dumplings recipe with berries

Traditional Ukrainian varenyky with blueberries

  • take cold water for the dough, then it will roll thinner and be stronger
  • use unbleached all-purpose flour
  • if using frozen berries, do not defrost them
  • chicken eggs can be replaced with quail eggs (1 chicken egg = 5 quail)
  • cover the ready dough with a napkin so that it does not dry out too much
  • make the gnocchi quickly and cook immediately, because the dough can get rid of the filling and lose its shape
  • if using fresh berries for the filling put them in the refrigerator for an hour, then it will be easier to form dumplings (varenyky)
  • if the dough is not very elastic, roll it into a thicker layer and simmer the gnocchi for a few more minutes
  • use melted butter or oil

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Nutritional values: Calories: 250 kcal / 100 g ; Fat: 4 grams;


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1. Prepare all the ingredients
Prepare all the ingredients for the traditional Ukrainian dish Varenyky (Pyrohy) with blueberry filling (chornytsi, ukr.). Make sure there is everything you need for the dough and filling from the product list.

Wash the berries well to be stuffed with cold water and remove all the leaves.

2. How to make the dough for dumplings (Ukrainian Varenyky)

In lukewarm water (2 tablespoons) mix salt and sugar (for the pasta). Sift the flour, add cold water (1 glass, 200-250 ml), add water with salt and sugar, melted butter (can be replaced with vegetable oil). Mix well, if necessary, adding more flour until the dough becomes elastic and does not stick to your hands. Etnocook recommends covering it with a linen cloth and letting it rest for a while, for half an hour. Then roll out a thin sheet (1-2 mm) with a rolling pin or a dough sheeter, use a little more flour or starch if the dough sticks.

3. Round shapes of pasta for Varenyky (dumpling wrappers)
From the rolled dough make turns with the help of a special form for dumplings or a glass.

4. How to make Ukrainian Varenyky dumplings
Put the filling with a teaspoon in the center of the rounds and press the edges. It doesn’t take much fill. Etnocook recommends putting a little water around the edge inside the dumpling and then pressing, it will most likely stay closed. Varenyk (pyrih) is shaped like a crescent.

5. How to cook Varenyky
Varenyky dumplings are boiled in small portions (10-15 dumplings) in a large amount of lightly salted warm water (1 tablespoon of salt per 3 l of water). When the water boils, lower the heat, put varenyky, boil for 1-2 minutes and remove with a slotted spoon in a deep bowl, add butter or oil and mix.

6. How to serve Varenyky
Serve Ukrainian Varenyky (Pyrohy) hot, add honey, butter, yogurt or sour cream to taste.