June 24, 2021

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Drones attack a US facility near Baghdad International Airport

© Sputnik / Vitaly Belousov

Snack: Three drones attacked a US State Department facility near Baghdad airport, officials say

Several drones attacked a US facility near Baghdad International Airport early Thursday morning, according to local security officials, who said the same group attacked another base 40 miles north of Baghdad a few hours earlier.

According to the Security Media Cell statement from the Iraqi prime minister’s office, “an outlaw group” that attacked Balad airbase north of Baghdad on Wednesday with three rockets “returned again late Wednesday evening and targeted ‘Baghdad Airport “.

The office said three drones attacked Camp Victory, a sprawling former military installation surrounding Baghdad airport that still hosts US forces. One of the drones was reportedly shot down.


To update: Baghdad airport attack with “drone trap” (Al Arabiya / AFP / Reuters)

WNU Editor: Hours prior to this attack on the airport multiple rockets were fired at Iraqi military bases which were hosting US troops and foreign contractors …. The missiles target US troops, contractors in Iraqi army bases (AP). More here …. Rockets struck near US forces and contractors in Iraq in separate attacks – functional (Reuters).