October 19, 2021

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Different strokes as the pupils go back to school

After about two months of vacation, public and private schools have reopened for a new academic session in Abuja. DEBORAH OCHENI captures the mood of parents and pupils.

In Nigeria, private and public schools reopen every September for a new academic session. Presumably, the month will bring an increase in family budgets as parents enroll their children in school at the start of a new academic session.

Although many parents are relieved that the holidays are over, some of them are concerned about the high cost of returning their children to school. They have to contend with rising taxes, high cost of books, changing uniforms and more.

According to some parents, it is a period that presents numerous challenges starting from tuition to the list of books and uniforms they should buy for their children.

This year is no exception to this annual ritual as parents have visited children’s bookstores and shops in search of what to buy for their children. While some parents shop around, others arrive ready to pick up items even at exorbitant prices.

Inside Abuja interviewed some parents who expressed concern about the high cost of basic items such as water bottle, water bottle, school bag and lunch baskets.

They said that the prices of the original brands have risen so much and there are so many fake items on the market that are being sold at cheaper prices.

For some parents it is time to think about how to do “school runs” and meet other requests from their families. While some parents said they were prepared for all of this, others said the poor state of the economy frustrated their preparations for the new school season.

Some parents expressed delight that their wards would be moving into new classrooms, but complained about the rising prices of “back-to-school items”, noting that shop owners were taking advantage of high demand to get a better deal. quick profit. Grace Ojoma is in the field that many parents would have liked to be.

She said she was well prepared for the resumption of the new academic session. “I don’t think it’s stressful if you’ve got it all planned out because it’s a normal thing that should happen as long as you have kids.

I don’t like impromptu preparation, so I prepared ahead of time so it wouldn’t catch me off guard, “she said. Funke Olushola, a mother of four, said she’s happy that her kids are going to a new class. .

According to her, new class means new objects. His children will change everything they used last year with a new one, regardless of whether they are still in the same school. “My children still go to the same school but it is a tradition that none of them take fresh lessons with old objects.

“This implies that we will change everything for the three of them. It’s not that I’m bragging or that he has that much money, but then the kids need to feel good when they go to new classes, ”she said.

Dora Ezekiel, a beautiful mom of two girls, who was at Wuse’s market shopping for her daughters’ school supplies said: “Although I try not to buy new things but you can’t help it. We are dealing with young children and as such you cannot have a perfect plan without saying it.

“In my case, however, I don’t buy everything because I see no reason to buy what I still have in perfect condition.

Economic reality has taught me to be wise about my expenses ”. Joy Joseph advised mothers not to put themselves under unnecessary pressure with stylish school bags if their children’s bags are still intact.

“New designs will always come every year. I don’t encourage women to always buy new bags every year, rather they should buy a high quality bag that will last at least three years before changing it.

“Parents should also develop a culture of maintenance. We try to make things easy for us and our husbands, “he urged. For Gabriel Eze, a tricycle cyclist, it has been sleepless night after night since his five children dropped out of school.

“I haven’t slept the night since school went on vacation because I still have pending last trimester fees to pay and here’s another academic session where I have to pay for books and other school requirements for my five children. which will resume 9 September 2019.

“The more I try to save, the more I find myself spending it on their food since my wife lost her job due to the bad economy that Nigeria is facing,” he said.

Speaking with some owners of private nursery and primary schools about their level of readiness for school resumption, they said they were fully prepared as they prayed that God would provide parents to care for their children’s school needs.

Senate Academy owner Kurudu FCT Mr. Mathew said they are fully prepared to kick off the new academic session.

“We are completely ready to start the new academic session as we look forward to receiving our beautiful children at school. “I also pray that God bless our parents so they can pay their dues to start the new session on a clean slate because we can’t do much without money,” she said.

Some parents and owners of private schools have also reiterated the need for the government to show commitment to the education sector by providing security in schools to avoid the kidnapping of pupils and teachers. Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Development,

Dame Pauline Tallen urged the children to reciprocate their parents’ kind gesture by studying hard and aiming high to fulfill their aspirations.

In his goodwill message to children before school resumes, Tallen reminded them to behave well and be good ambassadors for their parents and families while they are in school. “As you know, nothing good is easy in life, you should aspire to excel in your studies and obtain national and international recognition.

We hope to see future leaders, doctors, scientists, lawyers, Nobel Prize winners and so on among you. This will not only bring joy to your parents, but will elevate the image of our nation. “I also implore you to be obedient and respectful in line with our culture to your parents, teachers and elders in the community, watch less TV and read about plus your books, “she said.

Tallen, however, complained that about 60 percent of school-age children do not go to school. According to her, the North East has the highest number of out-of-school girls of primary school age with 53.3 percent while the Southeast has the lowest number of out-of-school girls with 46.2 percent. .

She complained that getting children back from school to education is a huge challenge. in the northern part of the country.

She also noted that all children deserve quality education regardless of gender, recognizing that the girl is a vulnerable member of society confronted with different discriminatory practices from birth to childhood and into adulthood.

Fallen urged parents not to give in in their efforts to provide an environment that allows children to realize their potential.


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