September 17, 2021

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Difference between Ukraine and USSR

Difference between Ukraine and USSR


Older people still remember the USSR instead of Russia, Ukraine and other countries and they know that the people were poor and wild. So what is the main difference between Ukraine and the USSR? I didn’t grow up in the USSR, so that’s just my opinion. please don’t quote me on this. See my list:

  1. Lack of goods. It was difficult even to buy toilet paper, so you understand … what can you think of beautiful cosmetics, appliances, furniture … If you want to buy a TV now, you just have to choose which one you want to buy and then earn money for it. In the USSR you have no problem with choice. You save money, so you subscribe to the queue, and when the queue comes to you in a year, you can go show and buy that TV that will be available.
    Food took less time. A few hours in the queue and you have milk, bread, soap or whatever you want. Sure if it was available in the shop.
    It was actually a really big deal. The USSR did not import anything from other countries and did not produce anything for the people either, because they were always preparing for war. So all the production was for the war + maybe something for the people.
  2. Bad service. They never smile at you in the shop and ask you: do you need help? If you want to buy, give money. If you don’t want to buy, better for us. Go to hell. There was a lack of products, don’t forget. Or you come to the restaurant and they give you a dirty plate. I don’t like something: clear the table.
  3. People were more proud of the achievements of the USSR than of their own achievements. You have to be proud that the USSR was the first in space, won World War II, feeding everyone (in other countries). So, if they ask you what you are proud of, you have to say it. It cannot be said that I am proud to have made some invention, or have a good career. Good career? How can you think about career! It was really bad.
  4. No private activity. Everything belongs to the country. You cannot have your own business or own a plant.
  5. There was no freedom of speech. In any case, the Communist Party cannot be criticized. You can’t go on strike and claim some bonuses or some changes. It wasn’t acceptable at all. Nowadays in Ukraine you can say and criticize as much as possible.