September 22, 2021

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Defending Roommates, Relatives and Friends – Self Defense Weapons Stories

You probably haven’t seen these stories covered in the major news media, but even last week, responsible gun owners stood up for themselves and the people they love.

Story 1 – Do you have a firearm nearby at night?

It’s almost midnight when you hear your roommates calling. Someone is trying to break into the house. They heard someone in the windows and the back door. Get your gun. Seconds later, a stranger breaks down the front door. He rushes in and you try to push him out. It fights you. You shoot your attacker until he stops.

Go back and call 911. Put the gun away. EMS tries to fly the attacker to the hospital, but bad weather keeps the plane on the ground. You and your roommates make a statement to the police. Your attacker is transported to the hospital where he dies.

In the news article, you notice that your attacker already has a mugshot.

Second story: have you been trained to use a firearm?

You hear a knock on the front door. You get up. It’s 3am Sunday morning and your aunt is already up to open the door. There’s your 28-year-old cousin at the door. Your cousin has mental problems. Your aunt won’t let him in. Gets angry. He grabs your aunt and hits her in the head. He throws her to the ground and hits her in the head again. He kicks her head and steps on her.

Grab a gun and shoot his attacker until he stops. He turns and runs out. Drop the gun and call 911. Now, put the gun away so the other guys don’t get it. The police come and say your aunt needs help.

EMS finds your cousin down the street. They take him to the hospital where he died. Your aunt would like your cousin to take his medication as he should. You talk to the police.

You are a teenager.

Third story – Are you armed in public?

There are many people on the street. It’s mid-afternoon when a man in his twenties starts shooting at the crowd and at you. You own a gun. You have your New York covert transportation license. You answer. Your attacker stops shooting and so do you. You call 911.

Emergency medical services declare your attacker dead at the scene. Manage property for the owner. Make a brief statement to the police.

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The county DA said you saved several lives by shooting.

Fourth story: are you armed while driving?

You are away from home when the security alarm goes off. It gives you a message that the front door was open and there was movement inside your home. You come home. It’s about 5pm when you get in. You see someone carrying things out of your house. You pull up and face the intruder, you call 911. The thief hits you with a metal pipe. You reach down and draw your firearm. You shoot your attacker. Stop arguing with you. Go back and tell 911 what happened.

EMS transports your attacker to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Make a brief statement to the police. Contact your lawyer.

A discussion of each story can be found on the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.