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Dear Anyhooo Answers: Should I tell Mrs. Buttercup I can’t stand her mother?

Dear Mrs. Anywhooo,

I’m a man on a creek with no paddle in sight! I’ve been married to my sweet Buttercup for 14 years. But, in all this time, I have kept a secret from my beloved that I have never shared. This deception weighed on me and practically tore me apart. I can’t imagine how Buttercup would have taken the news that I can’t stand my mother-in-law! No lie. I speak of her in my mind as the old battle ax.

This woman shows up constantly at our house, and yes, she bought us the seat, but she throws her two cents on everything. Well, maybe not all, but here’s an example. His mom tells my Buttercup it’s time for new furniture and, just like two peas in a pod, they’re doing the shopping. Buttercup chooses what he wants, and the old battle ax pays for it. They both act as if it were normal. Look, I work so hard to provide for my family. Down near Fourth and Broad, I became deputy editor of the “Flip A Burger”. One day I will become the manager of the municipality, but unfortunately my truck has been out of order for months, as the parts are too expensive at the moment. So, my Buttercup drops me off and picks me up every day. Now hear this, today I went home and the Santa Claus in chief went to buy us a second vehicle, a van! We’re expecting our fifth child, and I guess that’s why he picked a van and all.

Oh, but there’s more: Mam Maw Money Bags also buys my children’s clothes. Imagine that. I have to go to the back of the line to be the first to buy holiday clothes and school clothes because she is Johnny on the spot. I mean, not even she brags or slams it in my face, she’s always so taciturn about being our family’s sugar daddy and never makes a big deal out of her generosity – I swear it’s the straw that broke the jar. Do you think I should sit down with my sweet Buttercup and tell her how I feel?

Signed: Fed up with Buttercup’s mom, from Colorado

Dear Buttercup Mom’s Stove,

You are not precious! No seriously, just precious special extras. Now I make sure I have understood correctly … The good Lord above has considered it appropriate to send you the love of a good woman, your Dandelion, whom you adore. And it blessed you with the miracle of four thrills and one to come, and even provided you with that upward moving path thing that oversees all those young burgers tossing. Did I just get it right?

So are you preparing to lose control over a mother-in-law who kindly helps your family live on cotton as tall as it was? I think many young parents would consider helping with the home, furnishings, clothes and a vehicle a win-win. Oh, honey, sir, you’re barking on the wrong tree if you think I’ll take your side. Good God sassafras, what’s that line the Milly-In-Alls and the X-ers say today … Oh yeah, I remember it now, first world problems, sugar.

If you ask me, and you did, “the old” battle ax “as you call it, is the one that gets the short end of the stick. Now stop being ugly. Here’s my thoughts on that- Keep those horses to have that chat with your “sweet Dandelion” because honey, you will make her lose her religion and make her angry more than a wet him

So, shut that mouth and get on the train of humility and grace. In these parts, what upsets you is called being a family for each other. A man doesn’t need to feed a weak ego, son. He is confident enough in his own strength to express gratitude and gratitude to such a wonderful mother-in-law who loves her family so much and relieves their burdens.

Anyway … go shake off the cattywampus. You have to be a keeper if Buttercup keeps giving you sugar. You made a good choice in writing to me and I feel terribly good about cleaning up the back porch because no doubt in my mind we have deflected a storm and caused an uproar.

With blessings to you and your family Lil, little witch,

lady Anywhooo

Ms. Anywhooo writes for the Right thread ratio, which provides concrete and common sense answers to your personal relationships about love, life and everything in between. Born in the heart of the mountain country of Tennessee, follow her on the hashtag #DearAnyhoooAnswers (save this link to your favorite bookmarks). If you have any questions that Ms. Anywhooo needs to answer, please send them to [email protected] or Contact Us.

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