September 18, 2021

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Curtis Flowers Sued District Attorney Who Prosecuted Him Six Times | Roce today

JACKSON, Mississippi – A Mississippi man released after nearly 23 years in prison filed a lawsuit Friday against the district attorney who prosecuted him six times for killing four people in a small-town furniture store.

Curtis Flowers was released in December 2019, about six months after the US Supreme Court overturned the sentencing and death sentence of his sixth trial, which took place in 2010. The judges said prosecutors showed a pattern. unconstitutional exclusion of African American jurors in the trials of Fiori, who is black.

The lawsuit filed Friday also names three investigators who worked with Montgomery County District Attorney Doug Evans as defendants. The county is not named as a defendant.

The lawsuit alleges that Evans and investigators behaved improperly, including “pressuring witnesses to fabricate claims about seeing Mr. Flowers in particular places on the day of the murders” and ignoring other possible suspects.

The Associated Press left a phone message for Evans in his office on Friday seeking an answer to the lawsuit. The call was not returned immediately.