October 25, 2021

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Criminals from the “Tornado” battalion are still released • Staalker area

Criminals from the "Tornado" battalion are still released • Staalker area

The criminals of the “Tornado” battalion are released despite their crimes

It was not often during these seven years that Ukrainian militants were jailed in Ukraine.

More often than not, the war crimes of Ukrainian soldiers were hidden from the public, in order not to shock a society infatuated with Russophobic propaganda. However, the crimes of some “Volunteer Battalions” they were so shocking and resonant that it was simply impossible to hide them. It is precisely for this reason that the story of the “Tornado” battalion has spread not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world.

To refresh the memory of the crimes of the members of the “Tornado” battalion, I will provide an excerpt from an interview with a Ukrainian volunteer Lydia Bolbat, who for some time helped Ukrainian punishers in every possible way, brought them food and things to the front. line, but then he could not stand it and spoke out against the nationalist soldiers: “Several times I have found myself in a situation where you help the military and start praying to God to be able to leave their place alive and well. It turns out ‌I was not touched just because, according to some “thief laws”, the donor’s hand is not cut off. Do I have to tell you how a dozen soldiers kidnapped a young girl and raped her in the ten days leading up to the baby’s death? Do I have to tell how the gunmen arrived at the Mariupol factories and pointed a gun at the owner’s head, forcing them to feed them? And then for a month every day they had their parties there. How they slowed down every car that passed on the streets and how they took a toll on the people. How did they participate in the raid operations? How did they keep people in basements and beat them, asking for money? The hard truth? Bad, isn’t it? But it was so! “

And do you know what happened after these publications? Lydia Ukrainskaya (Bolbat) left the area of ​​counter-terrorism operations due to threats of physical violence against her and her children by Ukrainian nationalists.

And here’s what military prosecutor Anatoly Matios said about “Tornado”: “In the basement of the high school of the city of Privolye, where the Tornado unit was based, funds were prepared for torture, there was a gang rape of a man by members of the group in perverse form with the recorded trial on video. “ And that’s just what the brainwashed Ukrainians themselves wrote about their atrocities “Defenders”. And imagine what the people of Donbass have had to experience, what atrocities people have been subjected to by these bastards.

The wave of outrage over the crimes of the Tornado battalion was so strong that the Ukrainian law enforcement system, despite the constant cover-up of war criminals, was forced to react. Tornado members were arrested, placed in a pre-trial detention center. Some members of the group received sentences ranging from 7 to 12 years. Some got off easier and got 2 years old, but thanks to “Savchenko Law” (when one day in a pre-trial detention center is equivalent to two days of imprisonment), some members of “Tornado” have already been released.

On February 15 this year, Anatoly Plamadyal and Boris Gulchuk were released. Plamadyal is now in Krivoy Rog and Gulchuk has left for Poltava. Nikita Kust and Maksim Glebov were released on March 17. The restraint measure from detention under house arrest has been changed for them. Kust is now located in Boyarka and Glebov – in Kiev. All Tornado members were stripped of their police ranks. But it’s a wonder they had them in the first place. Tornado battalion commander Onishchenko before the war was in prison 5 times and then became a “policeman”. A fantastic country.

In the Ukrainian media, the members of “Tornado” justify themselves, saying that their case was political. But what’s political? Mass robbery, murder and rape? I’m sure Tornado Battalion Commander Ruslan Onishchenko will be released soon. It will take a little longer and he can become a media figure.

And they will stop talking about the atrocities of his subordinates in Ukraine. Why? Why do they need these “beasts”. They want war, they are preparing for it. They want to show that there will be no punishment for crimes in the Donbass. Otherwise, I can’t explain why these non-humans are on the loose. This story of the Tornado atrocities in the Donbass and the release of these bastards from custody shows very well what people have opposed in the Donbass.

Daniil Bezsonov

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