September 18, 2021

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No they can not. They are stuck at 80%.

The only thing we cannot change is the point of view of the states and if the states have a different view, we will not lock ourselves so much in, but will there be by their own admission that they will shut themselves out? …

They signed a national agreement and we hope they will respect it but we see right now that the states are going their own way and we have ridiculous statements from the premier Anastacia Palaszczuk which is about 2,000 people dying and scaring the hell out of people.

When they open up, and they do, what will happen is that some people will get sick, unfortunately, and tragically, most likely, almost overwhelmingly, unvaccinated people, a small part will die and that’s what happens with the flu and it’s a terrible thing to say it’s a tragedy but it’s the truth. We are stuck at 80% and this is the national agreement and this is the national agreement and this is what has to happen.