July 29, 2021

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Covid Relief Money Used to Pay Public School Teacher Bonuses | Roce today

School districts in California, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas have agreed to use millions of federal funds to pay four-figure bonuses to their teachers and staff, despite objections from parents that it is misuse of funds. .

Keep in mind that, especially in California, teachers have resisted for months to delay catching up on learning in person by refusing to work while still collecting their salaries.

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Georgia was the first state to approve teacher and staff bonuses by approving payments of $ 1,000 to over 230,000 employees, costing the state $ 230.5 million. The costly initiative absorbed nearly 35% of the state’s stimulus money and was one of the state’s largest spending on those federal funds.

Cash payments are billed as an attempt to stop multiple teacher resignations as they face “low morale” to return to in-person learning from a full year of worthless zoom lessons.

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School districts have very few restrictions on how they can spend their money on COVID relief, which totals $ 190 billion nationwide.

According to The Wall St. Journal:

Dozens of school districts and states are spending large chunks of their historic federal stimulus in cash in one-time bonuses to teachers and staff, despite objections from some parents and others who argue that such payments violate the intent of federal funding.

Schools have until 2024 to spend stimulus dollars, which totaled about $ 190 billion, the largest federal one-year infusion of money for public schools. While districts and states have begun spending some of the $ 81 billion already distributed to states since the latest round of $ 122 billion in funding, many are deciding how to allocate the rest and under federal guidelines they will not receive that funds until until their plans are approved. Twelve state spending plans have been approved so far.

Georgia’s state board of education approved bonuses in March, around the time teachers sign contracts for the following year, to help recruit and retain after a tough time.

“We needed some sort of moral boost and our response was to provide that bonus”, said Matt Jones, chief of staff at the Georgia State Department of Education.

After a full year of Zoom school, which has seen too many teachers constantly launder Marxist propaganda at home, the first priority of these school districts is to spend the historic influx of money to pay higher salaries to “raise morale”.

And the morale of the children? Or their painful upbringing, for that matter?

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