September 18, 2021

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Covid Australia live news update: NSW records nine deaths amid roadmap questions to end lockdown; 334 cases, one death in Victoria | News from Australia

We are focused on Victoria … Our focus at the moment here is: what else can we contain, the widespread community transmission in the north and west, the work the public health team is doing right now. What projection are we on right now? Are we on a projection like New South Wales? Is this the number of cases we can expect in the future? Or can we still, as Victorians, hold all of this on a much lower trajectory, which gives us many more options in the coming weeks? There is a tremendous amount of monitoring going on to try and figure out which of these projections we can be on and what difference these different measures will make.

I think in terms of timing, we are all frustrated. We would all like to know when we can do things again, when we can go back to normal practices, when we can get out of Melbourne again and when all other things are possible. Our focus as a team over the past few weeks has been on how we can contain the pandemic as much as possible? This is what allowed us to release the regional Victoria starting at midnight last night, to see how we will be following developments closely over the next few days. If we see that the virus continues to be contained and we don’t see huge spot fires in the Victoria region, that will give us confidence and open up more options in the future. This is all the work we need to do in the next few days.