September 18, 2021

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The UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said “there are no risk-free decisions” while defending the government’s “sensible” plan for autumn and winter.

Asked why the government didn’t immediately introduce its more restrictive “Plan B” amid warnings of a surge in hospitalizations, he told Sky News that although it is “right for the government to reassure people that we have a plan,” vaccines are the “first line of defense”.

He added: “Everything works and has allowed us to make the gains we have had in the last few months and return almost to normal.”

While Javid said “we must remain cautious”, he insisted that the government has a “good plan A”.

“What we have announced is well thought out and it is the act of a responsible government to say that this is a plan … but if things don’t go this way, we need to have another plan,” he added.

He said there will be “the largest flu vaccination program this country has ever seen” and that he wants to increase the spread of the vaccine.

Asked why they are not taking stricter plan b measures after Sage warned there could be 2,000-7,000 Covid hospitalizations per day in England next month unless the government urgently implements a “basket of measures.” “, he stated that” there is no risk-free decision “.

He insisted that the government has “made tremendous progress” since the beginning of the year and comparing now and this time last year said that “the big difference, this is huge, is the vaccines.”

He declined to identify specific numbers that would lead to the adoption of Plan B, but said a new variant would be of “significant concern” and that they would track factors including hospitalizations and pressures on the emergency room and workforce.

Even in a normal winter without Covid, he said it can become “very hard” for hospitals. But he said: “Like everyone else, as we remove the measures, I want them to be irreversible.”

When asked why he and other cabinet members weren’t wearing masks in a photo, he defended that he had not been so careful with his colleagues, saying “they are not strangers.” But he admitted that “obviously people are influenced by others”.

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