September 19, 2021

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Congress criticizes the Afghanistan crisis center and asks the government to make its policy on the Taliban explicit

New Delhi: Although the final picture of the new Taliban government remains to be hidden, Congress on Saturday criticized the Modi government and asked it to explain its policy on Afghanistan and the new regime to the country.

Congress spokesman Gourav Vallabh, arguing that the government is indulging the “lowest level of diplomacy”, said it is simply resorting to “disaster management”.

“Please let us know, what is your policy regarding Afghanistan? What is your policy regarding the Taliban? Please share with the country, “PTI Vallabh said.

“This is the lowest level of diplomacy because you don’t have any diplomacy, you don’t have any politics. You’re just trying to manage disasters, ”Vallabh said, adding that every India has the right to know the government’s policy on Afghanistan.

The congressional leader also expressed concern about the “Afghanistan-Pakistan-Russia triangle” and asked how the Modi government intends to address it.

“How will they play? What is their intention? What is your policy to counter this triangle that Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia are forming in Afghanistan? ”The chief said.

He also pointed out that neither Foreign Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar nor his ministry have explained the policy on Afghanistan so far.

“What is your policy on Afghanistan. The country wants to know, please don’t mislead us, ”he said, noting that India has a large investment in Afghanistan.

Further weapons training to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vallabh said he (Prime Minister Modi) has a masters degree in political science and as this is a political issue, he should make his views on Afghanistan explicit.

Meanwhile, the government has so far said that the situation in Afghanistan is very critical after the Taliban took power on August 15 and the evacuation of the remaining Indians was the government’s top priority.

So far, India has evacuated 175 embassy staff members, 263 Indian nationals, 112 Afghan nationals of Hindu and Sikh communities, and 15 third-country nationals, Jaishankar informed at an all-party meeting last month.

(With input from agencies)