July 24, 2021

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Congratulations on the new year – Etnocook

Congratulations on the new year - Etnocook

Etnocook congratulates readers on the new year of the rat

Etnocook is so lucky to have his little friend of the order Rodentia. This is not exactly a mouse as a symbol of the year 2020. However this cute hamster lives in my kitchen and inspires me to cook many healthy ethnic dishes. Actually, I have three, two brothers and a girlfriend. They live separately. This is called Arei and he is the fighter. It’s wild. Arey regularly runs from his hamster cage and I find him in two days under the sink, hungry chewing on my broom

So, my dear readers, I wish this year would bring you a wild spirit to try many interesting new things in life, make healthy choices and discover unique Ukrainian ethnic cuisine.

Happy New Year,