June 24, 2021

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Confirmations for Biden Nominees Won’t Be a Garden Party – POLITICIAN – Tell It Like It News

Some of the nominees already announced by President-elect will face a steep climb in their confirmation process. For example, Neera Tanden, Biden’s choice to head the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, was the target of broadsides by Congressional Republicans who attacked past tweets by the head of the Liberal Center for American Progress.

Barrasso said the candidates announced so far look like a “third term of the Obama administration”.

Has indicated Biden wiretapping the former Michigan governor. Jennifer granholm to run the Department of Energy as an example of a candidate whose previous comments on fossil fuels disagreed, given that Wyoming is an energy-producing state.

If Republicans want a hand in holding Biden’s candidates accountable, Barrasso said, winning two Senate ballots in Georgia on Jan. 5. 5 would be crucial.

If the GOP retains control of the upper house, Barrasso would have to take the helm of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which would consider Granholm’s appointment.

“Look for responsibility and not just a rubber stamp for a Joe Biden Cabinet, you have to have people like me as the chair of the Energy Committee, “he said, swearing later:” You bet, I’ll ask tough questions. “