June 15, 2021

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Coffin used in recent protest drawing criticism | Investigations

Coffin used in recent protest drawing criticism | Investigations

KANSAS, MO (KCTV) – Every Friday night for the past year, a group has been protesting in the city. They started after the assassination of George Floyd, but this group – Friday Night Protest – wanted to set fire to the village where the police were killed.

Last Friday night was special. The group wanted to take action to commemorate the anniversary with special guests and speakers, including the families of those killed by police.

However, there was another incident that night that drew attention to the motives of the protests and the images gaining traction on social media platforms.

The coffin, which was attached to the American flag, was shipped and covered with police tape. Police said it was inside: fine, wearing police uniforms. “Other white animals” are inscribed on the ground. Some of the so-called artists. However, the Kansas City mayor and chief of police said he crossed the line.

Local protesters called him a champion, but Mayor Quinton Lucas and police chief agreed he had crossed the line.

There is an issue with the coverage of the coffin. Protesters say the media is using the coffin as a distraction from serious police misconduct.

The leaders of this Friday Night Protest group questioned about the camera, and said in a statement:

We did a memorial trip in the countryside, using the righteous anger of the people, the grief, and the laboratory to make it heard and in full display.

Instead of focusing on the 150 victims and the families who came to tell their story, they are now thinking about a picture that includes all the pictures and the names of the victims.

The object was a hand-written coffin, “Death to White” by a local black man owned by the police.

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But the police chief believes the item is safe.

“For a lot of people who have a good idea, they will look at it as a threat,” Brad Lemon said. “How can we not?”

He thinks the media is not paying attention to him.

The coffin dispute comes at a soft time for the Kansas City Police Department. The coffin was unveiled at headquarters on Friday. On Sunday, a police officer died from COVID-19.

In a statement from Friday’s rally, they said, “Art shows the death of white supremacy is just that – the right art and the expression of the real Black rage.”

We asked Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas about the dispute.

“No one wants to see a dead person even when you have a coffin and the police show it inside. . . that was a disgusting show that had no part in our conversation in Kansas City, ”Mayor Lucas said.

Lucas said, “I think the people who used the show brought back their cause. I think they are back in the conversation we are trying to have about the future of police in Kansas City. I would expect – I would expect – that we would not see any other kind of show. “

The leader of Friday Night Protest said the mayor should consider the deaths of unarmed blacks and whites without worrying about a single painting.

It is unclear if the coffin will continue to be used as an art exhibition and included in future protests.

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