June 15, 2021

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China shows its army and navy landing capabilities after US senators’ visit to Taiwan

This screenshot from a CCTV broadcast aired on June 7, 2021, shows People’s Liberation Army vehicles being loaded onto the deck of the 072A Taihangshan landing ship prior to an amphibious training drill off the coast of China. Fujian province in southeast China. CCTV

Weekly: China shows the landing capabilities of the army and navy after the visit of US senators to Taiwan

The Chinese military released footage of an amphibious transport and beach landing drill in the seas off Taiwan the day after three US senators paid a much-attended visit to Taipei in the back of an Air Force freighter. American.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) exercise took place at an unspecified time and location off the coast of Fujian Province in southeast China, according to separate reports released Monday by Eastern Theater Command. of the PLA and the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

The images showed PLA Army vehicles and troops being loaded onto PLA Navy amphibious landing craft, before being unloaded into the Taiwan Strait and returning to a designated beach.

The training mission involved the group’s 72nd army, usually stationed in Huzhou, Zhejiang, transporting amphibious combat vehicles and supplies to a fictional beachhead, according to reports.

The PLA army elements who took part in the final “beach assault” had to navigate in “complicated conditions at sea,” said CCTV, which broadcast images of armored vehicles reversing into warship docks. Chinese amphibians.


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WNU Editor: China always does these military exercises. The only difference now is that they are conveying to the world that they are doing it.