October 20, 2021

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China says ready to help but India seeks oxygen elsewhere | News about India

China says ready to help but India seeks oxygen elsewhere |  News about India

With India reeling under the Covid-19 pandemic, China said Thursday it was ready to provide India with the support and assistance it needs to keep the situation under control.
However, while India is trying to import oxygen from overseas as the trade union health ministry said last week, official sources said China was not among the countries India was trying to get oxygen from. India has so far identified potential sources mainly in the Gulf and Singapore.
Describing Covid-19 as a common enemy of all humanity in need of international solidarity and mutual assistance, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Thursday that Beijing had taken note of the recent “dire situation in India with a temporary shortage of medical supplies. anti-epidemics “.
India bought medical equipment from China last year, but mostly through trade deals. Both India and China have supplied Covid-19 vaccines to South Asian countries, although countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal only started accepting Chinese vaccines after supplies from India ran out. Faced with a sad domestic situation, India no longer allows the export of vaccines as before, although it has not officially banned it.
On Thursday it was reported that China has called another meeting with countries in the region including Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for a coordinated response to the pandemic. In addition to these 3 countries, the Maldives also asked the Indian government to ensure that the Serum Institute of India honors the trade agreements signed with them for the Covishield vaccine.
In the case of Bangladesh, Dhaka had signed a contract for 30 million doses of the vaccine but, according to Bangladeshi media, Serum has only provided 7 million doses since January.
Indian Ambassador to Bangladesh Vikram Doraiswami assured in Dhaka Thursday that India is working to increase the availability and supply of vaccines.
Bangladesh also said Thursday that while it was making efforts to procure the remaining vaccines in accordance with the agreement signed with Serum, it was also making an effort to procure vaccines from China and Russia under a joint trade or manufacturing agreement. . “The diplomatic missions of Bangladesh in China and Russia are in communication with the governments of those countries and with the vaccine companies,” said Bangladeshi foreign minister Masud bin Momen.