September 18, 2021

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki would not have anticipated the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the new mask guide due to be released Tuesday afternoon, but commended the agency for following the data in recommending to Americans. vaccinated to wear masks in some cases.

“I know there are a lot of reports out there on the CDC’s leadership. It is not only appropriate for them to make the decisions. It is also appropriate that they officially announce their leadership, ”Psaki said at the White House press conference on Tuesday.

Psaki said that due to the Delta variant, a much more transmissible strain of the coronavirus, the CDC followed the data before making its own recommendations.

“The reality is that we are dealing with a very different strain of this virus, compared to before in the spring, in May, when the guidance on masking was provided by the CDC at the time. This is their job. Their job is to examine evolving information, evolving data, an evolving historical pandemic and provide guidance to the American public. This is exactly what they will do and what they will provide specific details in the late afternoon, “he said.

Asked if the president’s July 4 speech stating that the United States was close to declaring independence from the virus was premature, Psaki said the president made it clear that the pandemic is not over and that unvaccinated individuals are still at risk.

“He made it clear that it wasn’t over, that those who weren’t vaccinated were still at risk. He made it clear that you were protected from serious illness, disease or hospitalization if you were vaccinated. This remains the case and has encouraged people who are not vaccinated to get vaccinated, “he said, stressing once again that the role of the federal government is to monitor evolving data and then provide guidance to Americans, which is was done in this case.

Ahead of Biden’s trip to Pennsylvania on Wednesday, Psaki said the administration is ready to follow the new guidelines that should be issued by the CDC when it comes to any of the president’s trips and is ready to don the masks again. White House if the numbers in DC change.

“First, of course, we will comply with every aspect of the CDC guidelines on masking they provide this afternoon. And that means, as you have communicated, that we will look at the rates in the different areas the president can visit, and also the rates as they move to Washington, DC, and we will apply guidance accordingly, ”Psaki said.

“This means that we will be ready to put on the masks again if necessary if the guide carries it, as the president would do, and it will continue to be so,” he added.