September 18, 2021

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Cases of Covid-19 in the United States continue to explode at record levels

CNBC: The US approaches Labor Day with Covid vaccines, but an outbreak substantially worse than this year last year

* The CDC advised unvaccinated Americans not to travel over the holiday weekend, worried that the festivities could kick off another wave of cases.

* New cases this week have risen to their highest point since January, averaging 166,000 per day over the past seven days.

* New cases, however, are increasing at a substantially slower rate than in recent weeks, and many scientists predict that they will soon begin to decline.

The United States is heading towards Labor Day weekend with just over four times the number of Covid-19 cases and more than double the hospital admissions compared to last year, despite vaccinating 62% of the American population with at least one dose.

The United States and the world are nowhere near where health officials hoped and thought we would arrive 20 months after the pandemic – and more than eight months after vaccines that boasted efficacy rates of around 95% have been launched.

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WNU Editor: Oh! Four times more cases of Covid-19 and more than double the number of hospitalizations compared to last year.

But what’s different now than last year is that it’s the young people who are ending up in the hospital …. More than 19,000 children are hospitalized with COVID in one week while cases among children soar to 200,000, although the rate of infections is slowing (Daily mail).

To update: This was not expected …. Coronavirus can spread among vaccinated people, so officials urge cautious Labor Day (LA Times).