October 16, 2021

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Capitol Attacks Committee Calls For Outrage Charges After Steve Bannon Defies Subpoena – Live | News from the United States

Any person who intentionally refuses to provide testimony or documents sued by Congress, including House committees, is potentially liable for contempt of Congress under 2 USC §§ 192, 194. Contempt of Congress is an offense that may involve a fine and between one and twelve months’ imprisonment.

Contempt of Congress begins with a “formal act” by the Select Committee, that is, a business meeting in which a report of contempt is adopted. If a witness fails to show up, produce documents, or refuse to answer any questions “relevant to the question under consideration”, the select committee then writes a report documenting the investigation, attempts to accommodate the witness’s production or testimony. and failure by the witness to appear, produce or answer a relevant question. The report also contains the text of the resolution which recommends that the plenary assembly despise the witness.

After the select committee adopts a contempt report, it is referred to the House for a vote and, upon its adoption, the president certifies the report to the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. Under 2 USC § 194, following such certification it is the “duty” of the US attorney to “bring the matter before the grand jury for its action.”

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