October 16, 2021

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Cancel culture has come for rapper Nicki Minaj – He’s been holding on and warning his followers to do the same

Nicki Minaj, 38, rapper and writer of the Anaconda lyrics, “Oh, my God, look at her butt; Oh, my God, look at her butt; Oh my God, look at her ass,“Declared on Instagram Wednesday, September 15,”I will never use Twitter again. ” Manaj’s Twitter controversy arose from her Tweet, “My cousin in Trinidad will not receive the vaccine because his friend took it and became impotent. His testicles have swollen. Her friend was weeks away from the wedding, now the girl has canceled the wedding. So pray about it and make sure you’re comfortable with your decision, not bullied.

However, it wasn’t this single tweet that triggered the firestorm, but the combination of the above tweet and the following. Minaj revealed on Monday that she would not go to the Met Gala because she did not want to travel because of her son and is not vaccinated, adding that will take the hit “once I feel I’ve done enough research”.

Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden, countered Minaj’s claim that the COVID vaccine can cause testicular swelling: “There is no evidence of it happening, nor is there any mechanistic reason to imagine it happening

There is most likely no overwhelming data to support a significantly high risk of vaccine-related adverse testicular reactions. But while Dr. Fauci claims there is no evidence, the VAERS reporting system contradicts his claim. There have been a IEast 46 post-vax swollen testes statements reported for Covid-19 vaccines to VAERS Adverse Reaction Database:

Minaj was immediately brutally attacked by the media and the pro-vax community. In particular, MSNBC Joy Reid launched a Moab Minaj’s way.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson chose to frame and defend Minaj on his show and she retweeted that clip.

Minaj took to Instagram on Wednesday, not so much to defend herself against her controversial Tweet, but to issue warnings to her 157 million followers. (22 million on Twitter)

  • We have become that place where you cannot speak for fear of the crowd attacking you. What if that doesn’t give you the creeps up and down your f ****** spine? This is scary. “
  • You should be able to ask questions about everything you are putting into your body. “
  • But you can’t just ask an innocent question about something that’s going on in your body? “
  • And can Twitter just wake up their caked ass and stop me from asking questions?
  • What scared you so much that made you disable my Twitter?

According to Forbes, a couple of errors have been identified in Minaj’s claims. He said he received an invitation to appear in the White House – the White House made it clear that “offered her a phone call to discuss her hesitation on the coronavirus vaccine, not an in-person visit. ” Furthermore, Minaj’s claim that she had been denied access to Twitter was rejected by a Twitter spokesperson who claimed: Twitter “has not taken any enforceable action on the referenced account. “

Twitter is known to obscure the ban and disable the poster’s ability to tweet temporarily without taking accounts out of public view. There is no definitive way to know at this juncture if his account has been changed for a period of time other than Twitter which denies it is a role model for the company in the past when it was caught doing so.

The latest update on all of this can be summarized here from 20.00 minute mark. Both Tucker and Minaj address censorship and nullify the cultural aspects of this controversy. Minaj specifically identifies many in her profession who feel the same way but fear speaking.

Again, the entertainer did not instruct anyone not to take the vaccine and only stated that she was researching the subject to make the best decision for her and her family.

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