October 20, 2021

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Biotexcom review: pros and cons

Biotexcom review: pros and cons

Today Biotex is undoubtedly one of the most popular IVF clinics in Ukraine. In this article, we will try to learn the reasons for its popularity and cover all the pros and cons of applying in this clinic for IVF and surrogacy programs in Ukraine. Our goal is to help people who are currently evaluating this clinic to make a decision that suits them best.

The Biotexcom clinic started its history about 10 years ago working only with couples from different countries in Europe, but today it has become one of the leaders in its field of activity and has so many couples from all over the world (mainly from Europe), which has encountered the need to expand its resources to effectively cope with the overwhelming current of customers.

So why is it so popular and attractive? What is the secret of Biotex.com? Biotex invented the never-before-seen all-inclusive unlimited packages, which together with affordable prices and a decent level of services have created a formula for efficient success. This clinic has become a tough rival for its competitors and an IVF giant in Ukraine.

But as we all know, every coin has two sides and nothing stays the same. We have our own experience with this clinic (good and bad) and we know there is a lot of controversial information on the internet and forum battles about it. It may be difficult to squeeze the essence and get to the core, but we’ll try. So let’s move on to pros and cons.

Biotex Pro

It is always a pleasure to write about the strengths of a reproductive clinic and BioTex Com certainly has them.

1. The doctors.

The first strong side of this fertility treatment facility are highly professional doctors and reproductive specialists (in addition to modern equipment). They are really qualified and work for the result. Obviously this is not the only clinic with high-level professionals in Ukraine, but in medical facilities a lot depends on doctors and it is always good to know that they deserve your trust and are able to do their job well. And good IVF doctors mean high success rate!

2. Accommodation.

Biotex packages include room and board! This is definitely an attractive and affordable feature. However, the quality of the accommodation and food depends on the package you choose. You have to take the most expensive package to become a resident of the Venice luxury hotel and if you take a regular package, you will be faced with a more modest 2-3 star hotel. With the cheapest packages you will have to share a shower and kitchen of a house with many other couples.

3. All-inclusive packages.

The most interesting part of the services of this clinic are the all-inclusive packages for surrogacy in Ukraine which are meant to take care of all possible stress, complicated paper work and possible problems. Unfortunately, this was definitely the case in the beginning, but it seems that they can no longer keep the level of services as high as before and keep all their promises. The Fertilityfriends forum might give you a better picture than this. There is also a turnover of stuff in management which is always negative for a fertility clinic, where consultants and managers must acquire very specific knowledge and experience to coordinate protocols and be aware of many peculiarities of the program, legal part etc. We will cover the disadvantages more in the Cons section.

4. The next strong side is the price.

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is not always low. If you are looking for a very cheap surrogacy program in Ukraine, you are in the right place, but be prepared to compensate for the low price with your time by solving the many possible problems. If you are a businessman or have a busy schedule that will not allow you to be away from your job for a long time or there is no possibility to handle many problems regarding your schedule on your own, the most packages cheap shouldn’t be your choice!

Biotex Cons

Unfortunately, nothing is ideal in this world and there are certainly some couples dissatisfied with their negative biotexcom experience on the forums. We cannot trust every word written on the forums but we will try to cover some general issues of Biotex so let’s come to the weak points of this clinic:

1. Lack of attention for each couple. Managers are overwhelmed with work today. They are often tired and physically cannot devote enough time and attention to each customer.

2. Slow communication. Sometimes it takes a manager a week or more to reply to an email from a new customer.

3. Long waiting time which could reach 6-9 months between attempts. For some couples this may not be a problem, but for many others time is one of the most important aspects and waiting 6-9 months for the next attempt could be a serious problem for them. If you take the more expensive package, your first procedure will be very quick. If you are lucky you will get a positive result from the first try in 2 months.

4. Clinic staff turnover and lack of experienced managers cause many other unpredictable problems during programs.

In general, the clinic is unable to efficiently cope with the current number of clients. The size and staff of this clinic does not allow it to handle the large number of patients it encounters today, as a result the administration, organization, communication and level of attention lose quality and sometimes lead to various other problems. While this is normal for a growing IVF clinic, we don’t know when the clinic will fix these issues.

Unfortunately, we had to stop working with this clinic because at some point it became impossible to meet our commitments for our clients and it was extremely difficult to have positive contact with management and management. We don’t think it will be fair to show all the details, but we had our reasons. This clinic is not bad and we hope that it solves its problems in time and we wish them a successful future, but unfortunately it does not match our requests and standards at the moment.

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