September 18, 2021

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Biden makes his move from the ex. Fiat: Covid’s draconian mandates lack solid motivation – Blame minorities and the unvaccinated Way Out of the Pandemic – COVID Action Plan – 19 by President Biden

President Biden is implementing a comprehensive six-pronged national strategy (see here) that employs the same science-based approach that was used to successfully combat previous COVID-19 variants earlier this year. This plan will ensure that all available tools are used to fight COVID-19 and save even more lives in the months to come by keeping schools open and safe and protecting our economy from blockages and damage.

  • Vaccinate the unvaccinated
  • Further protection of the vaccinated
  • Keep schools open safely
  • COVID Icon Masking / Testing Increase tests and request masking
  • Protect our economic recovery
  • Improving care for people with COVID-19

Key mandates identified include:

  • Employers with more than 100 employees will be required to vaccinate or show negative Covid tests weekly as a condition of employment or face fines of up to $ 14,000 per employee (estimate 80 million).
  • All health workers (17 million) will have to be vaccinated as a condition of employment.
  • All federal employees (2.1 million) and contractors (those who work for the federal government) will need to be vaccinated as a condition of employment.
  • TSA doubles the fines for travelers who refuse to disguise themselves.
  • More government aid through loans to companies affected by Covid.

See Biden’s full speech here.

The president’s announcement was a sharp turnaround from his stance last December, when he told reporters he did not support a widespread national vaccination mandate. “I don’t think it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t ask for it to be mandatory,”He told reporters at the time – see here.

Biden says Covid is an “unvaccinated pandemic”. Additionally, Biden blamed local governments for blocking federal mandates, instead of “creating mobile morgues for the unvaccinated.” Biden said “he understands the vaccinated’s rabies toward the unvaccinated.” Biden has also labeled any doctor who does not comply with government remedies as “conspiracy theorists”. Biden also blamed minorities, but he walked very carefully on this point.

One wonders if Biden is inciting a war between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Furthermore, a war between medical professionals dividing the medical community between “real” doctors versus “conspiracy theorists”, although both have medical credentials. Something for sure that will further reduce trust in any Covid program.

Biden says he wants to attack the Covid “pandemic” with “truth, trust and science”. Biden’s speech was relatively weak on anything to get the 80 million Americans to get vaccinated. However, there were a few.

  • 1 in 165,000 fully vaccinated was hospitalized from Covid per day. But of the same levy of 165,000 unvaccinated, how many were hospitalized by Covid per day? There were no studies cited in Biden’s plan to corroborate this claim.
  • Only one Covid case for every 5,000 vaccinated per day. But how many unvaccinated cases of Covid per 5,000 are there a day? There were no studies cited in Biden’s plan to corroborate this claim.
  • Children are four times more likely to contract Covid in low-vaccination states than in high-vaccination states. There were no definitions of what a low-vaccination state is or detailed studies cited in its plan to corroborate this claim.
  • Biden wants more tests for the Covid Delta variant, even at home. However, there is no commercially available test for this – see here.
  • Biden has tested vaccines as approved by the FDA. However, this approval was only for Pfizer and not for others. Shouldn’t we take the others? Also, although the FDA approved vaccine appears to be the same, the approval is for the future production of the vaccine, not the current one – see here

What was also interesting were the questions from many unvaccinated that Biden did not answer.

  • Are there any long-term studies that would prove the safety of these Covid vaccines? According to John Hopkins University, a typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and effective in clinical trials, complete regulatory approval processes, and produce sufficient quantities. of vaccine doses for diffusion distribution. Do we abandon this science?
  • How long does the vaccine last? Will boosters be needed for the rest of our lives? Apparently, the answer to this is “I don’t know” – see here.
  • No mention of those who have already had Covid. Why vaccinate if they already have antibodies – see here?
  • Biden blamed the unvaccinated, though little was mentioned about border control. Traveling in the past has been one of the main ways to spread Covid. Even if you get everyone vaccinated, how will the government ensure Covid doesn’t come through our porous border controls?
  • And the other Covid variants? Already the “Mu” variant is said to be resistant to vaccines. What’s the point of getting vaccinated against Delta just to get “Mu?” Are there any other strategies that use herd immunity? See here and here.

The Right thread ratio denotes what Biden did not tell all the American people as he used executive fiat to take away their civil liberties in an unprecedented move:

  • Which is survival rate for Covid-19 globally? It is accurate that the rate is 99.9% under 70? Is this rate valid in the United States?
  • Which is death rate of Covid-19? Is it true that under the age of 70 it is less than 1%? Is it true that including all cases the death rate is on par with the flu?
  • What is the average age of Covid-related deaths -19, is it? 78?
  • Despite the seasonal increase in infected cases, is it true that the death rate from Covid -19 and Delta has been declining in the United States since January 2021?
  • It’s right? Herd immunity for the alpha strain currently stands as high as 80-85% of the population?
  • Are there studies supporting herd immunity as exponentially more effective against variants than vaccine-related immunity? Is it true that the Delta variant is far away? less deadly of Covid alpha?
  • What are these previous variations that you refer to as your policies “successfully fight at the beginning of the year?”
  • Do symptomatic people still have the same ability to transmit the pathogen, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated? The CDC complaint vaccinated can spread the disease. Director of the CDC Walensky States the same.
  • Vaccination? to prevent will you get infected with the Delta variant or any other future variants?
  • What are the statistics on adverse reactions to vaccines? Are these VAERS numbers accurate? Is the European equivalent of VAERS also accurate?
  • It is true that the most recent data released by the CDC states that the survival rate under 18 from Covid is 99.99997%. The death rate for children who have been hospitalized is 0.04%
  • Is it overwhelming? scientifically accurate that those under 18 aren’t super spreaders? ( light here)
  • There is some scientific data argue that vaccinations could cause antibody-dependent enhancement that is causing more people to get sick?
  • CDC data to further your “Unvaccinated Pandemic” claim uses data that includes partially vaccinated who are sick, being counted as unvaccinated, is it a scientific or political choice? The data also includes those who fall ill for other reasons but test positive once hospitalized (read here).

Biden begs the unvaccinated, “What else are you waiting for, what else do you need to see?”

The Right thread ratio they are not anti-vaccinists. We should follow proven science wherever possible. But if you want to fight vaccination hesitation, fight it with large, meaningful and well cited, well organized and well understood studies with detailed data.

However, the headlines scream, “‘Your refusal cost us all,’ Biden declares war on the 80 million unvaccinated “. So it’s war!

Making Covid vaccine warrants in this unscientific environment will only lead to Covid wars and worsen the Covid “pandemic”. This makes one wonder if some of this is due to the design.

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