June 14, 2021

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Between Vaccine Launch And Historic Hack, Trump Remains Focused On Election Reversal – The Wall Street Journal – Tell It Like It It News

WASHINGTON – In a week that began with the affirmation of the Electoral College Joe Biden‘s victory and ended with Vice President Mike pence taking a new Covid-19 vaccine, with a massive national security breach in between, President Trump was largely hidden.

Instead, six weeks after the election, the President remains fixated on his unsuccessful efforts to overturn the findings, consultants say. He pays close attention to the television coverage of state hearings on alleged election fraud, although no evidence of widespread fraud emerged and in tweets and phone calls he urged his advisers and lawyers to continue.

In early tweets on Saturday, Mr. Trump Republican comrades reprimanded, “Don’t be weak fools!” and urged them to join a protest in Washington next month.

“He is still in fight mode for every vote,” the senator said. Lindsey Graham (R., SC), a Trump loyalist, who this week acknowledged Biden’s victory and said the president’s path to overturning the results is “very, very tight”.

An administration official described the president’s strategy for overturning the election results as: “Let’s throw a giant plate of spaghetti against the wall and hope that at least one pasta will stick.”