October 16, 2021

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best places for beer lovers – FANTASTIC KYIV

best places for beer lovers - FANTASTIC KYIV

Are you a big fan of beer or are you just thirsty after exploring Kiev? Thankfully, craft beer in Kiev is becoming more and more popular.

So here’s a list of some of the best craft breweries in Kiev – from the most central ones to those located in the most forgotten neighborhoods (because who knows where you can end up, right?)

If you are looking for craft beers in Kiev combined with live music, welcome to ProRock. A centrally located 24/7 bar that welcomes everyone, especially those who love music. Come here on Friday or Saturday night (around 9pm) and find yourself dancing to the rhythm of fantastic Ukrainian bands concerts.

ProRock offers a wide range of Ukrainian craft beers – ask a bartender or waiter for help.

If you are looking for where to eat at night in Kiev, keep in mind that the ProRock kitchen also works 24 hours a day.

TIP: If you are coming on a Friday or Saturday night, book in advance, you may not be able to find a seat, even at the bar. Better to do it a couple of days in advance, by calling them or writing on Facebook

mokri vusa

Located in the center of Kiev, Mokri Vusa (translated as “wet mustache”) offers a wide range of Ukrainian craft beers, along with international locations.

If you want to discover their full variety of beers, the bartenders will offer an additional online menu with extra bottled beers.

Delicious fusion cuisine with a Ukrainian flavor, friendly atmosphere and helpful staff will make you want to come back.

Mokri Vusa has a lot of space, so if you are looking for bars in Kiev for large companies, it will suit you.


One of the most popular places among hipsters in Kiev, it not only offers delicious craft beers but also fresh and friendly vibes.

Its chamber atmosphere and conceptual design have made it one of the hippest bars in Kiev. In the evening Kosatka turns into a real art place with the best DJ parties and active conversations near the bar counter.


First opened in the city of Dnipro, this bar is now open in Kiev and offers one of the best selections of Ukrainian craft beer and imported beers. Literally translated as “the sneakers of the art historian”, this bar offers you to put on these shoes and explore the art of craft beer from around the world.

It is also located in the heart of Kiev – what else could you wish for? (except the time machine to be able to explore ALL the craft breweries of Kiev).


This small and cozy Kiev craft brewery offers some of the unique flavors produced in the Carpathian district. Traditional beers along with some of the best craft locations and gutsul-style pizza won’t leave you indifferent.

Tsypa offers a whole street of evening craft beer: from the best taps to breweries where you can buy Ukrainian craft beers to entice your friends to visit Kiev.

var var

This central Kiev bar offers many craft beer locations from the Kiev brewery of the same name. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional craft beer drinker or just a beginner – the bartenders here will help you make the right choice.

From time to time, Kiev’s craft brewers present new types of craft beer right at the bar.


If you find yourself exploring the bars of Podil and craving quality craft beer in Podil, visit Klaipeda, the food pub that offers a long list of Lithuanian craft beers.

The rich taste of Lithuanian craft beer in Klaipeda may inspire you to visit not only this bar but Lithuania itself again.

drunk monkey

This craft brewery in Podil, named after one of K&F brewery’s most popular beer locations, offers a wide selection of Ukrainian craft beers and delicious food.

Located in the basement of the historic Podil building, it creates a unique atmosphere, especially when live bands play.


Looking for craft beer in Podil? Head to Punkraft, where cheerful bartenders will offer you the best craft beer from Ukrainian brewers and some of the exclusive import locations.

For those who want to get some exercise between or during beer sessions, there are Play Stations and vintage slot machines.


If you have arrived in Lisopylka, congratulations! you are a true unstoppable lover of craft beer!

Located in the God-forgotten neighborhood of Voskresenka, Lisopylka Brewery is considered to be one of the best craft beer venues in Kiev.

This brewery and bar is located in the former sawmill, hence the name (in Ukr – Sawmill – “Lisopylka”).

If you are interested in the topic of Ukrainian craft beer, you can ask about a tour to the VarVar brewery (craft beer tours are organized quite often).

If you are still alive the day after your craft beer expedition in Kiev, then welcome to Awesome or Awful Kyiv Walking Tour.

Your Kiev guide is also a big fan of craft beer, so we can always take a break to enjoy some of the best Ukrainian beers.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in Ukrainian craft beer (and other quality spirits), you can always book your own personalized Kiev private bar crawl.

Enjoy Awesome Kyiv – as awesome as you are!