July 24, 2021

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best deliveries during quarantine – FANTASTIC KYIV

best deliveries during quarantine - FANTASTIC KYIV

The coronavirus pandemic caused most of the public institutions in Kiev to be blocked. Almost everything except pharmacies, grocery stores, gas stations and hospitals in Kiev is closed.

While many people who support the #stayathome movement think about how to survive at home, small businesses in Kiev and elsewhere think about how to survive. For many of them the only option left is to go online and offer deliveries. Here’s how you can support small businesses in Kiev and enjoy your favorite food, drink and everything else without leaving your home.


One of the most popular Georgian restaurants in Kiev, Mama Manana offers the ability to order Georgian food in Kiev online. The special offer during the quarantine in Kiev: place an order and receive Achma khachapuri and Bagrationi cake as a gift. Mama Manana works with Glovo, has its own delivery and app.

All pizza lovers still have a wide range of places to order pizza in Kiev. However, if you want to eat your favorite dish and, at the same time, do charity, Veterano Pizza, founded by Ukrainian veterans, is the right choice. The pizzeria is closed to visitors but offers pizza delivery in Kiev, as well as an option to offer “suspended pizza” which means you will order pizza for soldiers taking part in the defense of Ukraine or for the wounded. . You can also order pizza for Ukrainian doctors who are helping fight Covid 19 in Ukraine.

ProRock Pub, one of the most popular places to listen to live music in Kiev offers the option “to go” (pick up from a restaurant) or food and beer delivery in Kiev (the pub explains that you can do this using Glove and choosing a “Anything” delivery option). There is a 20% discount on all beers and ciders of 1 liter and above. ProRock is one of the 24/7 open bars and restaurants in Kiev, however, during the quarantine in Kiev, delivery works from 10:30 to 22:30.

Drunken Monkey Bar in Podil offers a wide selection of craft beers in Kiev. During the quarantine, the bar offers food and craft beer delivery in Kiev – if you live within 3 miles of the Drunk Monkey, your order will be delivered for free. Orders less than 600 UAH to be delivered for the price which coincides with the local taxi fare.

The Drunken Monkey craft beer delivery in Kyiv operates from 1pm to 8pm.

Wood You Like Bar, one of the most popular cocktail bars in Podil, offers first aid for cocktails: the bartenders have prepared the sets to make your best cocktails at home: you can order alcohol and other ingredients to prepare Negroni, Old Fashioned, order Set Tequila + Sangrita or just experiment them all until the bar opens and welcomes you again. You can order cocktail sets via the bar’s Facebook page.

This trendy café in Kiev offers takeaway orders. Pre-order your favorite coffee or dessert online, pick up a specific pickup time and come and pick up your order at one of the pickup points. In addition, TaKava baristas are making online tutorials on making different types of coffee online. You can also order coffee beans and coffee making devices on TaKava.

One of the most famous places for cocoa in Kiev, Call me Cacao, offers takeaway drinks and works with Glovo Kyiv. If you collect your order at the take away window, you get a 10% discount. Except cocoa, you can order desserts, soups, salads and smoothies with ice cream. You can also order cocoa to make it at home.

Those who want to eat Crimean Tatar food in Kiev at an affordable price, welcome to order it from Musafir! The restaurant offers takeaway or food delivery (Glovo, Uber eats in Kiev or Musafir own delivery).

Sofra is another restaurant offering delicious Crimean Tatar dishes in Kiev. You can place an order using Glove, Uber Eats, menu.ua or directly from the restaurant (tel +380931237290) – in case of direct order, you will receive a pleasant compliment from Sofra. Due to the quarantine, the restaurant does not have the possibility to make delicious Turkish coffee for you, but you can buy the special Turkish coffee pot and receive a bag of SABA HAVESI branded coffee as a gift.

As all Vietnamese restaurants in Kiev have been closed due to quarantine in Ukraine, you have no choice but to enjoy delicious Asian food in Kiev at home. Choose VietBar and select the takeaway option with a 20% discount or order delivery (Uber Eats, Glovo or Raketa Kyiv).

The Bali Bowl Cafe, one of Kiev’s finest Insta cafes, popular with foodbloggers, has been closed, but continues to work in the delivery format. You can order delicious bowls in Kiev, other dishes and coffee for free if you leave 1km away from the cafe, or pay for delivery if you leave further away. The cafe also initiated the charity action during the quarantine in Kiev: they are providing fresh juices and coffee for the Kiev ambulance crews.

veteran brownie
The founders of Veteran Brownie

If you want to gift yourself or your loved ones some delicious homemade brownies and do some charity stuff, then Veteran Brownie is what you need. Podil’s cozy bar is closed, but it accepts orders online or by phone, and even offers you “suspended brownies” that you can send to the infectious wards of Ukrainian hospitals. You can also support the bar by ordering a coffee deposit that you can use later (includes the certificate for 10 drinks) or the certificate for the Brownie cooking master class with one of the founders of Veteran Brownie, Roman Nabozhniak.

Beer lovers can order beer in Kiev online from This is Пивбар with a huge discount during the quarantine. Orders worth 250 UAH and more are delivered free of charge. Except for a wide range of beers, the bar offers food delivery to different neighborhoods in Kiev.

The Tarantino family restaurants in Kiev (Murakami, Spezzo, Khachapuri i Vino) have been closed due to quarantine, but the company’s 15 restaurants continue to work on delivery. Restaurants now focus on pizza and sushi, as these dishes are usually the most popular among online orders.

This trendy café and bar has been closed for the quarantine period in Kiev and offers Uber home delivery or own delivery for those living in the Shevchenkivsky district of Kiev. You can order food and drinks and get 20% discount if you order the whole cake.

If you want to get Ukrainian national food delivered directly to your door, try Ukrainian food delivery from SHO restaurant in Kiev. Enjoy your favorite Kyiv chicken, delicious varenyky or Lviv syrnyk as usual. The restaurant works with UberEast, Raketa or offers their own food delivery in Kiev if you live 1km away from the SHO restaurant.

If you’re craving Asian food in Kiev, try something from the Spicy No Spicy menu. You can request delivery or use the take away format offered by a restaurant. Spicy No Spicy has met with Odessa restaurant in Kiev and is also offering freshly baked bread, coffee, European cuisine.

Another option for Asian food lovers in Kiev is Kitaika. The restaurant offers its own Asian food delivery in Kiev or Glovo. For now they only offer hot dishes to make sure all ingredients are heat treated.

Kyiv flower delivery

Your happy Awesome Kyiv guide who is also a flower lover

Anyone who has ever visited Kiev knows that the flower business in Ukraine is a huge thing – there is a flower shop near every metro station, kiosk and literally every 50 meters. With the coronavirus quarantine in Ukraine, stores have closed their doors to visitors and focused on deliveries. Here are some of the best websites for sending flowers to Kiev.

The SoloMia flower shop in Kiev is a great example of how to get high-end personal service while shopping from a small business. This lovely little shop is a combination of a cafe and flowers, located in one of the greenest districts of Kiev – the Holosiivsky district.

Therefore, for those living in the Holosiivsky district, Solomia flowers offers free flower delivery in Kiev. But the friendly staff can also arrange delivery to any other district in Kiev at a reasonable price.

Here you can order a fantastic bouquet or flower arrangement for your loved ones, or simply ask them for fresh flowers for your home: florists can order your favorite flowers just for you, even if they don’t have them in stock right now.

For those who want to buy flowers Kiev the Camelia company is one of the best options. The company has closed most of its stores for the quarantine period and offers to order online or by phone. During the quarantine Camelia offers free delivery and many pleasant discounts. Every two days you can find new offers for flower delivery in Kiev.

All of Camellia Nova’s Kiev flower shops are closed for quarantine but work online. The company offers large flower arrangements and bouquets. Orders of 500 UAH and above are delivered free of charge. In addition to delivering flowers, the company also participates in Covid 19 charity deliveries, such as the delivery of food for the poor in Boyarka.

Don Pion offers fresh flowers in Kiev, gifts and sweets, plants for you and your loved ones. You can also purchase the flower subscription and receive a flower gift every month. During the quarantine you can receive your Don Pion flower delivery in Kiev for free.

Not only did Dicentra Flowers start huge sales of flower bouquets in Kiev, but it also organized a charity campaign to help the Ukrainian Institute of Epidemiology. The money raised will be used to purchase the missing remedies for doctors and patients. Dicentra Flowers plans to return to work after the quarantine in Kiev ends.

Rybka Flowers’ dedicated florists can prepare unique bouquets of different price ranges, postcards and heartfelt gifts for you. Rybka Flowers also offers flower arrangement services for weddings in Kiev. During the quarantine in Ukraine, Rybka Flowers also carries out some charitable activities, such as buying flowers from elderly people to support them during these difficult times.

Delivery services in Kiev


The Kiev delivery services are receiving more deliveries during the quarantine in Ukraine, however they manage to cope with their tasks. You can always order food and drinks online in Kiev using Uber Eats, Glovo, Raketa delivery, Menu ua, Ekipazh Service

Postal services of Kiev

According to the quarantine rules, postal services in Ukraine are not blocked and continue to function. If you need to send something, you can use UkrPoshta or Nova Poshta. The services of the latter are a little more expensive, however, the package will be delivered a little faster.

Nova Poshta also canceled the fee for custody of parcels in its offices during the quarantine in Ukraine. Make sure you have a mask if you are visiting one of the post offices if you want workers to let you in.

With all my love of walking tours in Kiev, I fully support the #stayathome movement so that I can tackle the Coronavirus faster and get back to traveling. I am currently working on new alternative tours and certificates in Kiev that you can use to book Awesome or Awful Kyiv tours in the future. Let us support each other in these difficult times. Stay Awesome – Stay Home!