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Benefits of Hiring a Remote IT Audit Consultant

Benefits of Hiring a Remote IT Audit Consultant

IT audit is a process that evaluates the state of the company’s technological infrastructure, its security, reliability and the continuity of the company’s business processes with it. IT audit firms help companies stay ahead of technology and ensure that all processes are safe, efficient and use the most advanced tools.

Companies hire an information technology consultant because it is a great opportunity to get an unbiased and professional opinion of their IT management system.

The main advantages of an IT audit service are:

  • Evaluation and control of all processes in the company;
  • Opportunity to stay up to date with advanced technology, adapt to innovation and constantly update the IT management system;
  • Prevention of all types of risks, including security breaches;
  • Improving the efficiency of a company’s IT management system;
  • Evaluation of the possible implementation of new technologies that can give new opportunities to a company.

Finding an IT consultant who can offer impartial and objective reports, as well as proposals for future updates, is critical.

Types of IT audits

The IT audit strategy includes several areas, such as auditing the infrastructure, business processes, information security, information systems and divisions, assets and resources. Excellent IT audit consultants have extensive experience and are experts in different types of audits, such as:

  • Technological innovation. It includes an assessment of the technologies used by the company, their relevance on the market and possible improvements;
  • Innovative comparison. It covers production efficiency and compares how a company can innovate against competitors.
  • The audit of the technological position covers the evaluation of the existing technological tools used;
  • Audit of systems and applications, their reliability and security;
  • Analysis of the company’s ability to process apps even in disruptive circumstances;
  • Analysis of the overall IT infrastructure and information processing;
  • Client-related server and telecommunication audits.

The IT Audit Director can also make sure that all processes are compliant with legislative regulations, such as the GDPR. Companies find a technology consultant to ensure smooth and completely secure processes and information management.

Three types of IT audit professionals

When it comes to IT audit consulting firms or separate professionals, three types of experts can be hired. Of course, their duties and responsibilities overlap, but there is a distinction.

Internal IT auditor

This is a professional who is a permanent employee of a company. This expert provides ongoing evaluation and support to all information management processes. Duties include the development and implementation of audit procedures, as well as the definition of corporate standards. Another responsibility is to respond promptly to any type of error.

IT Audit Consultant

Consultants are representatives of external and objective third parties. They analyze and review the infrastructure and determine if it is efficient and compliant with legal regulations.

They also make proposals on possible improvements or adaptations of new technologies that will increase the productivity of the company. These experts evaluate everything from computer networks to security solutions.

IT Audit Risk Assessment

This role might look very similar to the previous ones, but it has its own specifics. The main objective is the assessment of risks against the standards to estimate an acceptable level. It can be performed both by the employee of the company and by a third party professional.

It does not involve testing the systems, but rather their high-level general overview. It is usually performed once a year or whenever there is a significant change in the company’s IT management system.

Position Roles and responsibilities
Internal IT auditor An in-house specialist who continuously checks, verifies and updates IT systems. Establishes procedures, standards and processes for internal audit. Respond to immediate mistakes.
IT Audit Consultant A third-party professional who analyzes IT systems for efficiency, performance, security and relevance. It also defines whether they comply with legal regulations. It proposes innovations and possible improvements.
IT Audit Risk Assessment It can be a self-assessment or a third party analysis. It focuses on the possible risks of the IT infrastructure, evaluates them against the standards and defines the acceptable risk level.

The role of the IT audit consultant

IT strategy consulting is closely linked to audit services. The IT Audit Specialist is a high-profile employee who has specific skills to perform job duties. Consultants analyze and evaluate the company’s technology infrastructure and make sure it is compliant with regulations, safe and effective.

  • Level of education: Bachelor’s degree (preferably in technology)
  • Professional Requirements: Audit Certification
  • Skills: analytical skills, communication, management, knowledge of systems and technological solutions
  • Employment growth by 2028: 6%
  • The median annual salary in the United States: $ 73,031

A consultant’s duties may vary slightly by industry and specific company, but are always aligned with IT compliance and audit best practices.

Overall, these specialists begin by collecting data by coordinating communication between departments and analyzing information. They provide reports of the results and suggest what should be improved or changed.

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IT Auditor career path

A person can start their career in auditing right after graduation or enter this sphere from other technical positions. This is a frequent occurrence as IT audit requires a thorough understanding of both new advanced technologies and the basics of information management.

Start with higher education; most often, IT auditors have a degree in information technology or computer science. To gain experience, many students apply for internships, which are highly regarded by employers. Real-life experience is extremely important, and a high-profile consultant should work in the industry for at least 2-5 years.

A professional must also obtain international certifications, such as Certified Information System Auditor or Certified Internal Auditor.

So the career path is quite simple:

  • A person obtains a degree in a related field;
  • Gain real-life experience as an entry level specialist or intern;
  • Obtains professional certification to prove his experience;
  • Keep working to gain more experience and provide services as an independent expert.

Salaries for IT Audit Consultant

Like any other IT position, the salary rates for audit consultants are different depending on the position. It is one of the main reasons why many companies seek outsourcing service providers in this field. It is more cost-effective and allows access to experts who may not otherwise be available in their hometown.

* Based on data from our internal recruiting team

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