October 20, 2021

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Benefits of Hiring a Database Consultant

Benefits of Hiring a Database Consultant

Nowadays, many companies seek or partner with an IT database consultant. Why a company may need a database consultant and what are the benefits and new possibilities when working with a database of consultants? Here we discuss the benefits of hiring a DB expert and how to find the right specialist for your organization.

Who is a database consultant?

According to ZipRecruiter, a database consultant is a highly skilled and experienced IT professional who assists companies in selecting, maintaining and customizing computer database management and information systems, as well as helping to migrate to more suitable / latest DB solutions on the market. .

A reliable operations database consultant can analyze the company’s needs and current performance, recommend the most relevant DB and assist with its implementation and customization, taking into account the latest security trends and practices.

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How can a DB consultant help companies?

Companies tend to hire professional DB consultants when they need to choose the right DB for their project or business, when they want to customize the existing DB to fully meet the needs of the organization or when they need to migrate to another DB (usually most suitable) and seek expert help with it.

Depending on your business requirements and project specifics, a DB expert can assist with the following activities:

  • TO database design consultant can recommend the best DB architecture that will meet the needs of the business;
  • TO database consolidation consultant can help the organization optimize the use of the current DB and customize it as needed;
  • TO database migration consultant can recommend the correct DB to use and assist in the migration process;
  • Year Oracle database consultant can consult the advantages and limitations of Oracle DB, help implement or migrate to it;
  • TO Microsoft Access database consultant can explain the specifics of MS Access DB. You can find an Access database consultant who specializes in implementation and customization, as well as an MS Access database consultant who is experienced in migration best practices;
  • A well qualified DBA Consultant can not only provide advice on trends and best practices, but also help maintain the current DB solution.

Why hiring a remote consultant database is beneficial

Nowadays, more and more companies tend to hire remote DB consultants instead of hiring a professional locally. This trend is caused by a number of solid reasons:

  • Hiring a remote expert opens up access to the global talent pool, which means the ability to find a more versatile and experienced DB consultant who will perfectly meet the needs of the business;
  • An external DB consultant can propose new methods and solutions, as he will have a fresh look at the project and will take into account global trends;
  • A remote DB consultant can provide independent and objective assessment of internal business processes and current data storage solutions;
  • Hiring a remote specialist results in lower expenses because you can hire a remote consultant on an hourly basis or by project only.

Given that, according to the information age, 75% of companies plan to invest more in IT consultants in the next year and a half and there is a global talent shortage reported by ManpowerGroup, it may be even more difficult to find an expert. local that will provide the desired services. Therefore, remote DB consulting has become a solution for many companies around the world.

Comparison of salary rates of database consultants in different countries

Let’s take a look at the hourly rates of database consultants in different countries, based on Glassdoor statistics and research by our recruiting team on several local job portals:

* Rates are provided by research done by our internal recruiting team on local job boards

As you can see, hiring a remote database consultant from Ukraine can be cheaper than hiring locally in the US or Europe. Therefore, if you are in need of a highly experienced senior database consultant, it may be worth looking for such experts in Ukraine.

Mobilunity as a reliable database consulting provider

Mobilunity is a well-known company based in Ukraine that has been providing software development and staff augmentation services to companies around the world for over 10 years. We are eager to help companies find the best IT resources for their projects, whether it is an experienced developer or a well-trained DB specialist.

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Plus, if you need to hire SQL developers or other database coders, we at Mobilunity know how to find highly skilled and experienced programmers based on your business needs and requirements.

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