July 27, 2021

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Belarus increases military activity across the country

Belarus increases military activity across the country

Belarus is stepping up military activity in the country across the country as relations with neighboring countries and NATO continue to deteriorate.

Hundreds of videos are circulating on social media showing the movement of heavy military vehicles and troops.

Numerous witnesses report the movement of military convoys and trains loaded with large quantities of military equipment, including tanks and other heavy armored vehicles in areas along the Ukrainian and Russian borders.


Video posted on Twitter apr. 20 appear to show a load of BTR-80 armored vehicle trains and Cayman armored reconnaissance vehicles at the Vitebsk railway station in northern Belarus near the Russian border.

Last week, a reporter for one of Germany’s leading newspapers, Bild, Julian Ropcke, tweeted that Belarus has deployed its troops on the country’s borders with Ukraine.

“Dictator Lukashenko is also moving the Belarusian army to the Ukrainian border (here 60 km north of the Rivne Oblast border),” he said on Twitter.

It is also important to note that the Biden administration on Monday renewed US sanctions on nine state-owned companies in Belarus for human rights violations by President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.