June 15, 2021

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Before We Die fans are shocked as Christian brutally shoots Stefan who was about to denounce him as an undercover cop

BEFORE We Die, viewers were shocked when Christian brutally killed Stefan who was about to spy on him like an undercover cop.

They flocked to Twitter stunned by the “really tense” episode of the Channel 4 drama that kept them in suspense.

Christian stunned fans by grabbing the gun to shoot Stefan

Before We Die fans took to social media in shock after Christian suddenly grabbed a gun to shoot Stefan and silence him as he was about to blow up his cover and reveal who he really was.

One fan wrote: “How should I sleep now? Incredibly bright nerve. “

Another said, “Well, it was a really tense episode.”

A third said: “Really enjoy ‘before you die’. Even if it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. “

Stefan was right about Christian, but he silenced him with a bullet
Christian pulled the trigger on Stefan at the last moment
It was the nail in the coffin for Stefan when he was seen talking to the undercover cop
Stefan was framed when his family saw him talking to the police

In a further twist, Christian pulled the trigger on Stefan while he was on the phone with the police to report that Stefan’s own corrupt family was going to kill him because they thought he was a spy.

Stefan was caught talking to a police officer during a basketball game, which prompted his drug cartel family to believe he was a spy.

One fan said: “It will be interesting to see how Christian explains Stefan’s death in his field report.”

Fans were left on the sidelines at the start of the Channel 4 drama when Stefan went to his family convinced that Christian’s mom, Hannah, was the police.

Fans couldn’t get over the tense episode
Christian mom Hannah was invited to dinner to see if she really was an accountant
Fans thought it was the kiss of death when Bianca made a move on Christian
Fans thought Bianca was trapping Christian by kissing him and luring him to death

Christian had said she was an accountant, so the family invited her to dinner to have her grilled.

Satisfied that he wasn’t the police after what fans believed was a brilliant cover-up, the family suspected Stefan was the spy.

Meanwhile, at the start of the episode, fans gasped as Bianca made a move on Christian and kissed him passionately.

One fan wrote: “Christian and Bianca are not going to turn out well”.

A second added: “I guess you love him to death.”

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