September 18, 2021

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“Before a woman calls you outside she called you inside” – Blessing Okoro talks about the Idibia saga

Relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, popularly known as the CEO of Blessing, has stated her stance regarding the trending saga between 2face Idibia and his wife, Annie Idibia.

Reacting to posts from famous Nollywood actors Zubby Michael and Junior Pope who criticized Annie for taking her marital problem to social media, he insisted that before a woman finds the courage to call her husband publicly, she must have done so. privately but refused to listen.

It also encouraged women to use social media as a tool to drag on men who abuse or treat them badly.

According to her, “depression is lack of expression” and women should never be induced to die in silence.

In his words:

“Dear men and actors. Before a woman called you she called you inside and no one heard you.
Some God-fearing women use the one pastoral call, one don’t hear.
Many women who sleep and go to church today na MAN wahala take them away, all they want is to be heard. Una no gree. ‘Thank God you say we get the platform, you do it anyway we drag you to social media like goat. Who fears madness again 😂😂😂.
Stop letting men blackmail you to put up with garbage, when they can’t even tolerate regular women who can’t cook. Take your wedding wherever you want. Depression is lack of expression … keep talking, talk, talk, talk. If you need a microphone, buy speak. Women cannot continue to put up with garbage. Talk and let other women know what they are getting into. This thing called Marriage. “

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