September 18, 2021

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Because effective communication is the most important factor

Because effective communication is the most important factor

Recent reports indicate that an increasing number of guys in Western countries are looking for Eastern European women via online dating. Further research shows that more and more Western men have had it confused experiences with western women, so they are looking elsewhere nowadays. Well, it is nobody’s fault, but why I can not do western women ask for what they want in relationships?

  • Why Western Women of which ask what they want:

Harvard Business Review ran an article titled ‘Beautiful girls don’t ask in which the author states that women tend to get what they are content for at work, in part because women are often socialized from a young age not promote their own interests and focus instead on the needs of others, and in part because the culture of many organizations actually penalizes women when they ask for it. It is noteworthy that many women are not alone of which ask for what they want in the workplace, but also of which ask for what they want in romantic relationships. On the contrary, men demand much more at work and at home!

First of all, women can get frustrated with having to specify what they want, while men can get frustrated with guessing games.

I am a strong and independent woman. However, when I really need my man, he should know because he loves me. I shouldn’t have asked. “- We all know that mind reading should be avoided in every relationship and in every relationship, but unfortunately, this is what many Western women are actually thinking about. Maybe not all women think about it consciously, but women may think that be less meaningful or romantic if they have to ask.

Second, not every woman knows exactly what she wants; however, he knows something it is not he’s right, and she thinks her man should fix it.

In fact, many women still think that it is the responsibility of men to solve problems in relationships. This is sad but true.

As I see it, a person is fully responsible for their life and happiness. (If everyone has this mindset and this attitude, this world will become a much better place!)

Furthermore, most people have never learned how to communicate effectively in romantic relationships. Most people learn things through trial and error, they learn them the hard way. Sometimes, them I can not even learning lessons after a relationship has ended painfully.

  • Love VS Resentment (in relationships):

Resentment often grows when you become your partner’s emotional keeper (or even the physical keeper, at times). You continue to take care of your partner and you keep giving and giving and giving….

Some people have a pattern: I’m always the emotional keeper in any relationship they’ve had because they tend to choose someone they can take care of – if a person is very independent, that person can leave the relationship at any time. Consequently, psychologically, choosing someone who needs to be treated is a safer option: this person I wouldn’t leave the relationship. Then the emotional caretaker wonders why they always have resentment in relationships.

When you feel like your partner is wearing you out, you need to ask for more – be more demanding!

Asking for more is not easy because many people of which feel they are worth it. They feel it’s only worth it if they’re doing something for someone.

Start looking for more independent people first, then you of which you must be the emotional keeper!

The donor often has this fear: “If I suddenly start asking for something, my partner may leave me / my partner won’t like me that much. “So, the giver holds back their needs. This is bad for the relationship because a deep connection is built on honesty; not saying what you really want is dishonesty. you of which trust that your partner can manage who you really are, so detachment arises.

If telling the truth (asking what you want) causes your partner to leave you, it means that it is not the right person for you. It’s better to tell the truth sooner rather than later because you don’t want to find out about the relationship it is not right for you 3 years in the relationship – you better find out within 3 months!

“You have to be brave and honest enough to ask for what you need, to indicate where you are of which like something and explain what your partner has to do to make you happy. If this idea terrifies you, you need to work on 1) your communication skills – communicate from a place of strength; 2) Your Self-Esteem: There is probably a self-esteem problem going on right now where you are of which feel worthy to have your needs met. “