October 26, 2021

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Beautiful moment BBN’s WhiteMoney kept its promise to its colleague, Cross

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Cross recorded the beautiful moment when his colleague and winner of the show’s sixth season kept a promise he made to him while they were still at home months ago.

Apparently, Whitemoney had promised Cross a nice gift after their time at home and recently, just about two weeks after they both left the house, Whitemoney kept her promise.

Cross recorded the beautiful moment that also saw the presence of their colleague Emmanuel, in which Whitemoney gave him a pair of black Prada boots that made Cross happy.

Presenting the gift to him, Cross is heard saying, “Guys, Whitemoney promised me my gift and apparently it has arrived.” He then proceeds to Whitemoney popularly referred to as Mazi before hugging him in a warm, friendly embrace of brotherhood.

Cross also wrote as a caption for the video, promised me this in the house and look at this beauty. Thanks mate.

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