September 18, 2021

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Authoritarianism The pandemic is the real threat

Cook County, Illinois, Judge James Shapiro has reached a new low in covid tyranny by banning Rebecca Firlit from seeing her 11-year-old son until she receives a covid vaccine. Judge Shapiro is not alone in abusing the judiciary to force people to get vaccinated. Judges across the country have ordered defendants to be vaccinated against covid, sometimes as a condition to avoid jail time. This outbreak of judicial tyranny is a symptom of the pandemic of authoritarianism that is the real threat to America.

Companies are imposing requirements, including that employees show proof of vaccination, pay more for health insurance if they haven’t had a covid vaccine, and have regular (in some cases weekly) covid testing. An increasing number of state and local governments require their employees and even people working in some private jobs to take covid vaccines, as well as impose passporting requirements for vaccines on people in general.

President Biden has urged employers to implement vaccine mandates and the government is working with its major technology allies to develop “model” passports for vaccines.

Requirements for government-approved model vaccines, combined with government officials encouraging their adoption, send the message to companies that imposing vaccine requirements on their employees, and perhaps their customers as well, is a good way to stay in favor. of politicians and bureaucrats.

An effective way for the US government to “encourage” the adoption of vaccine warrants and passports is to deny federal funds to companies, states, local governments, and other institutions that refuse to require employees, customers, or others to prove they are be vaccinated. This will result in vaccine requirements allowing the government to say it is not forcing vaccines on anyone.

President Biden is already planning for the US government to deny Medicare and Medicaid funding to nursing homes that don’t require their employees to prove they are vaccinated. This could lead to a shortage of staff in nursing homes. An understaffed nursing home poses a much greater risk to residents than a nursing home with a staff of healthy, unvaccinated individuals. Texas is experiencing a shortage of nurses, in part thanks to hospitals firing unvaccinated nurses.

Healthcare professionals have good reason to resist vaccination warrants. Many people have died or experienced other adverse effects, including miscarriages, after receiving a vaccine.

Some people try to justify vaccination warrants and vaccine passports by saying that by risking infecting others, unvaccinated individuals endanger others. However, the Federal Centers for Disease Control recently admitted that covid vaccines do not prevent the spread of infections. Furthermore, the claim that we are experiencing an “unvaccinated pandemic” is based on data collected earlier this year, before many Americans took covid vaccines.

An important objection is that, if the government can force people to take a potentially dangerous vaccine to protect themselves from hypothetical harm to others, the same reasoning would support the imposition of many more violations of liberty. These could include, for example, “red flag” laws and other forms of gun control, restrictions on access to “extremist” ideas or a mass surveillance system to prevent possible future acts of violence. The argument that the government can use force to prevent hypothetical harm makes control over government power meaningless.

It is imperative to support the growing resistance to vaccine mandates and passports. We also need to broaden resistance to covid authoritarianism to resistance to all forms of government violation of freedom.

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