September 19, 2021

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Any Android phone can track your location … This is a simple mistake.

A security expert warns you that your movements may be tracked by the Google Maps app installed on another phone. Pieter Arntz is a researcher for the security firm Malwarebytes. He described how he accidentally tracked his wife’s movements without using spyware or cracking her passwords.

The Google Play Store is a great way to keep track of someone’s exact location, with the most up-to-date data available in Google Maps.

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Malwarebytes security expert Arntz wrote a detailed blog post about his discovery. Arntz was looking to add a paid Android app to his wife’s smartphone. Arntz had already bought the app once and didn’t see the need to buy it again. He logged into the Google Play Store app and went to the list of apps he had previously purchased to download the software.

He explains that “Everything went smoothly, but I couldn’t log out of Google Play after testing the app.”

Arntz noticed that unauthorized places were appearing in the Google Maps location history when he was back on his phone. Google Maps keeps track of your location every time you use the app. This data is used to provide better recommendations, such as showing you restaurants near your location rather than a different city or country.

I have noticed strange phenomena, but I have not been able to identify the cause. He said he was showing him the places he had visited but not yet lived near. The Google Maps app that Arntz had on his phone listed the places his wife visited. It was his smartphone with his Google account on the Play Store app.

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His wife wouldn’t know something was wrong if he didn’t show him the profile photo in the corner. After discovering the problem and closing Arntz’s Google Play Store account, Arntz found that he could still track his movements in his Google Maps app.

The problem was not solved even after I logged out of Google Play for my wife’s device. My Google account was added to my wife’s Play Store accounts when I logged in and was still there when I left after noticing the tracking problem. “

Malwarebytes is a well-known cybersecurity company based in California. I am one of the founders of the Coalition Against Stalkerware. This group is meant to protect people from being spied on. Spyware, as well as so-called stalkerware apps, are becoming a big problem.

Although the Google Play Store quirk isn’t considered spyware, it can be used to produce similar results by other people.

Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation said the flaw highlights how important it is to consider domestic abuse situations when developing features. According to her, “The most dangerous time in a domestic violence situation is when survivors try to separate their digital lives from their abusers.” This is when survivor data can be vulnerable to misconfiguration issues and can lead to very serious consequences.

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Malwarebytes sent a Google issue report to raise awareness of the issue. It may be useful to check which accounts you are logged into on your smartphone if your password has been used on friends and family’s devices to not pay for apps, ebooks or movies more than once.

For more information visitSettings> Backup> Manage AccountsYou’ll see a list of all accounts with permissions on the device. The list will show you all the accounts that have permissions for your phone. Any accounts you don’t recognize can be removed. They will also have access to your phone’s GPS data.

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