September 18, 2021

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Anxiety in the Ogun community as thieves write ahead of a planned attack

According to a report by SaharaReporters, numerous residents of the Olosan community in Leme, Abeokuta, Ogun state received letters from robbers informing them of a planned attack on the community.

Since then, residents have been living in anxiety following the quick warning of thieves on the walls around the community.

They warned of the dire consequences if the community informed the police.

In the alert, the gang, who described themselves as “Oga Oga” meaning “Master of Masters”, threatened to kill residents who can’t keep money for them (thieves) in anticipation of the upcoming robbery, Premium Times reports. .

The typewritten notice in Yoruba read: “Important notice for the residents of the Olosan community.

“We chiefs of chiefs come to greet you in a time not far off; if you want, report to the police, this does not concern us. Anyone we visit who refuses to give us a good amount of money will be killed or the person may even lose their money and their life ”.

Since the notice was hung on the wall, residents have been anxious, coming home early and closing the doors by 8pm

It is learned that the Community Development Association has hired vigilantes who patrol at night. Some of the residents have even hired guards to safeguard their homes and properties.

The community president, who identified himself as Alhaji Ajetokun, said the warning of the unknown thieves caught them off guard.

He said the police have been informed and that the area is patrolled at night by a police team.

“In the morning we saw the notice pasted around our area on the walls and we got worried and consequently we reported the police and they patrolled this environment together with our hosts.

“Please help us beg them (the robbers), we have no money, please. We don’t suspect anyone at the moment, but they should please let us continue living our lives in peace, “he said.